Best GTA V sex mods


Grand Theft Auto V

Image via Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V is hardly a PG title, but there are still people out there who prefer a little more of an adult angle to their gaming. Fortunately for those folks, modders exist who are happy to provide you with all the adult entertainment you could ask for.

Needless to say, the mods, links below, and the places that those links will send you too to get your files will be adult themed, with adult images and other such things, so keep that in mind before clicking in work.

Realistic Naked Bodies

Hard to misinterpret the name here, this will provide 12 different bodies across a range of shapes and sizes. Basically replaces the game’s default nude models with mode realistic ones.

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Stripclub Redux

Assuming anyone in terested in sex mods for GTA V will be spending tim ein the strip club, this mod will mix up the clothing and skin textures of some of the staff.

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Nude Beach

This mod will change the beach to a topless beach, so you can go for a stroll and enjoy the view, if that is your thing.

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Kinky Bodies Enhanced

Kinky Bodies Enhanced will add new textures, body shapes, outfits, and physics for you to pick and choose from.

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Hot Coffee

A tribute to the infamous Hot Coffee mod from GTA IV. Allows on-foot pickups, animated sex scenes, and more. Not exactly the highest quality animations, however.

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