The top 10 GTA V sex mods

Some of the hottest GTA V mods for adults only.

Grand Theft Auto V

Image via Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V is hardly a PG title, but there are still people out there who prefer a little more of an adult angle to their gaming. Fortunately for those folks, modders exist who are happy to provide you with all the adult entertainment you could ask for. Needless to say, the mods, links below, and the places that those links will send you to will be adult-themed, with adult images and other such things, so keep that in mind before clicking during your work shift.

10) Realistic Naked body for Mpfemale 1.0

This mod will improve upon the existing nudity that already exists in GTA V by adding more realistic body textures. There are 12 different texture types to choose from that will replace the existing textures almost perfectly. Only female textures will be replaced with this mod; this mod will not touch up any male textures.

9) Stripclub Redux

For those who spend time in the strip club, this mod will apply higher-resolution textures to the strippers in the club. This will also apply to women who are seen along the beach or in the playboy mansion, as well as any images of girls that would be in those settings (ie. a beach calendar).

8) Nude Beach

This mod will remove the top part of the bathing suits for any woman on the beach. It doesn’t guarantee that you will see nudity all the time, but it certainly makes it easier. This isn’t a full nudity mod, and you won’t be able to get fully nude women at the beach.

7) Kinky Bodies Enhanced

For those with more specific interests, this mod will give you the option to apply different costumes, outfits, and improved physics for body part movement. You can also apply tattoos to different parts of the body, and textures have improved to look better from behind, if you know what we mean.

6) Hot Coffee

Inspired by the Hot Coffee mod from GTA San Andreas that made it to national news, this mod features animated sex scenes, on-foot sex pickups, and different positions for characters to try. You can also heal after each scene when your character finishes up.

5) New Startup Girl

If you ever wanted to see the adult mods apply to the model at the startup loading screen, this mod will change the design to a more raunchy model. You won’t be able to interact with the woman other than just looking at her.

4) Vanilla Skins

This mod improves upon the existing skins of the female models, though it allows you to see them nude. Other body parts have been enhanced to be seen, such as the abs. It is also available for different skin colors, and you can choose if you want the abs to be seen.

3) See Through Shirt for MP Female

If you ever wanted to see through your playable female character’s clothes, this mod has you covered (and your character uncovered). It will increase the transparency of their clothes, allowing you to see through the clothing. It won’t fully remove the clothes, but it will suffice for some interested players.

2) New Loading Screens

This is a variation of the mod that removes clothing from the default loading screen woman. This mod will introduce a series of NSFW images with females in different states of attire and positions. None of them are necessarily in-game characters, and you can’t interact with them other than admiring the view.

1) Paradise City

Instead of just limiting itself to topless female models on the beach, this mod will apply the topless effect to all women in the game. You can walk around and spot women performing different activities without wearing their tops. It doesn’t modify any other textures, and other improvements must come from other mods.