9 Best Melee Combat Tips For Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins is a massive game with a lot of battles divided into various quest. In this open world game you will be fighting with many soldiers hand to hand. Melee combat is a prominent part of the game and there are some essential tips you must know if you want to survive for longer period. There are various combat ways that you can apply when you are in a fight, waving only the weapons will not help all the time. In this guide you can find different type of melee combats you can try out.

Origins Melee Combat

Melee Combat Tips

The combat system in Assassin’s Creed Origins is not complicated. When you are facing a enemy hand to hand, there are certain combat style you can always apply for kicking them out. Like attacking in close range, stealth, etc. These styles will offer you an extra advantage, also do not forget to ace in dodging. This will help you to stay alive, whenever you are low health try finding a spot where you can recover and then engage back. Enemies in Assassin’s Creed Origins can target you from all directions. This is where you have to be cautious. For combat, you can try out the below tips.

Get The Regeneration Ability: Once you have enough ability points head to the skill three and under the Warrior section buy Regeneration. This is a important ability of health regeneration. All you have to do is find a spot where no one can attack you. In this way, you can easily refill your health in battle.

Don’t Raise Alarm: When you are planning to infiltrate any palace or a enemy camp, try to take down enemies one by one. If you raise an alarm, there will be more and they will all attack you once. Staying in stealth mode and killing them one by one is the best way to complete your plan. You can use weapons to target enemies in distant and stay hidden. In case you are surrounded you can use triple dodge to escape nearby enemies.

Fire Arrows: Ignite the arrows, and target the oil spilled around, this will help you to target multiple enemies in a single point. This will also create havoc in the enemy camp, stay hidden. This is the best way to cause max damage and to confuse the enemies, this will also reveal their locations. When you shoot the bow at the enemies it will show you how much damage it can cause, try taking the head shot for max damage. There are 4 types of bow Light, Predator, Warrior & Hunter. Among these four, Hunter is best when it comes to Stealth kill. Go in the Hunter Skill tree and develop the bow abilities for precise killing.

Free The Animals: In some camps, you will see wild animals like Hyenas and Lions. If you do not want to engage in to a close battle, target the cages locks. It will open up and these animals will randomly attack the enemies. This will ease your job.

Sleep Darts: Sleep darts are very helpful in many ways. It is among the most useful weapon in the game. Don’t hesitate to upgrade the dart carrying capacity. Remember this does not work on bosses. You can put the enemy asleep and attack them causing high damage.

Shield Is Less Helpful: It is best to keep the shields in toggle so that when you have a chance to attack or dodge you can perform that easily. If you keep holding the shield many moves will be locked. And if you plan to use Shield a lot do not forget to unlock Parry skill. Through this, you can deflect an incoming attack using the shield. Parrying is also very helpful to stun the enemies, but it does not work on a group.

Poison Ability: Unlock this one, it will help you in later stages. When you find a group of enemies you can poison one of them. The body of the poisoned will release toxic fumes that will damage any enemy who is nearby. You can poison multiple enemies and leave the body aside that will impact others.

Test Different Weapons: In Assassin’s Creed Origins you will find a variety of weapons, and it is essential that you keep testing them. Do not rely on a single sword or bow. There are different types of enemies you will encounter, and not all weapons work evenly. For example, the large Axe is best when you are targeting less number of attackers. Experimenting with your play style will help you to attain a pro level with weapons. The upgrades are the secondary part that increases the weapons and gears power. First, you must learn using different weapons effectively. This is very important in melee combat.

Stay Away From Stronger Enemies: In the game, you will have to level up your character. If you are on low level avoid attacking on stronger enemies, their one blow is enough to kill you.

These tips can help you to play well, however, upgrading your gears and weapons is also an important task. You will see as you progress without having the required amount of level the quest will not unlock. Side by side you have to work on that part also. For more tips on the game, you can read our Assassin’s Creed Origins Wiki Guide.