The two best Minecraft horse stable designs and ideas

House your trusty steed in style and comfort with these useful stable designs.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Keeping a horse in Minecraft is functionally very different from the ownership of other types of the game’s livestock. Rather than cramming them into a small, fenced-off pen or a two-block hole in the dirt, tamed horses tend to become more of a unique friend and asset to players when some form of stable is built around the player’s residence for them to live in comfort between rides. The following horse stable designs each reflect varying degrees of complexity, capacity, and ease of access to different materials.

Simple Horse Stable

Screenshot by DoubleXP

This stable design is optimal for newer players with less access to varied block types, requiring little more than an oak forest, a few sheep, and a productive wheat farm to assemble in its entirety. On the surface, this stable looks like a wool tent providing shelter from the elements in an open-air, oak fence pen.

While this may be true from an aesthetic standpoint, more has been done to ensure that the horse lives in comfort. Laid in a bed of hay, it has easy access to both water and food at all times. Small in size, this stable can fit next to the player’s house, even in builds with limited real estate.

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Complex Horse Stable

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Large in scope and scale, this sizable barn incorporates acacia wood in many forms, including logs, fences, and planks. The walls behind each pen are mostly open-concept, allowing the horses to gaze out on the fields they’re soon to roam.

Each pen exists as a four-by-four square, with the width of the barn accounting for a row of pens on either side. While this design houses eight horses, additional resources and real estate can allow for longer barns with a greater horse capacity.

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