The three best Minecraft kitchen designs and ideas

Cook pork chops in style and comfort by incorporating these kitchen designs.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

The buffet’s worth of food prepared by the average Minecraft player in any given playthrough can, through the game’s mechanics, be cooked on as little as a rudimentary fireplace or industrial furnace. However, some of the more aesthetically-minded players may want to build themselves a proper kitchen in which to cook. These simple solutions to household fixtures can provide both form and function to the player’s kitchen space.

Stove designs

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It will take a decent bit of work and cosmetic additions to make furnaces — crafting fixtures more easily recognized for their ability to smelt ore — pass off as kitchen stoves. Placing an iron trapdoor up against the face of the furnace can give it the appearance of an oven door, provided that a lever is placed on the side of the furnace to keep the trapdoor propped upright. Having something cooking on this furnace can produce a bit of ambient light from within the oven, further contributing to this illusion.

Glowing item frames can be placed on top of the furnace to come across as lit stovetops. Placing cooked meat of any type in these glow frames can make it look as if pork chops and steak are grilling.

Tying this structure together is the presence of an overhead stove hood. Placing a hopper two blocks above the furnace, connected to a vertical pillar of blackstone wall above it, can provide the kitchen as a whole with vertical depth.

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Countertop and cabinet designs

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What good is a kitchen at preparing food if not for its cabinets in which to store ingredients? Barrels can be placed horizontally against walls, making them look and function like overhead cabinet walls.

Wooden trapdoors, particularly dark oak and spruce trapdoors, can be built around one another to create one-block wide empty cabinet space. This can be done easily by placing a solid building block of any type in the location of where a cabinet should be. Follow this up by positioning trapdoors above and on all exposed sides of this block, then breaking the inner block. Lanterns or levers can then be placed within these cabinets to provide area lighting or hold trapdoors in place, respectively.

Where countertop space is concerned, players can’t go wrong with simple spruce planks or rows of hollow trapdoors. However, a couple of pieces of gray wool can act as a cutting board in a pinch.

Sink designs

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While not particularly useful in Minecraft’s cooking mechanics, having a sink full of water at the player’s disposal feels right when in a kitchen, Placing a cauldron, then filling it with a bucket of water can allow the player to fill bottles for the purpose of potion-making. Additionally, placing a downward-facing lever above the cauldron can give the appearance of a faucet.