Best Pokémon for the Master League in Pokémon Go – April 2021

Let’s talk about some of the best Master League Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go players interested in participating in the Master League category of the Battle League have to bring some of the best Pokémon they can. This category has no CP limits, and you’re free to use any legendary or mythical Pokémon you’ve captured in the game. You’ll need to create a team of three Pokémon to battle against other players, and these are some of the best Pokémon choices you can bring with you.

Best Pokémon for the Master League


Dialga is the most used Pokémon in the Master League if players have it. Not only is it rare, but it’s powerful. If you have this Pokémon in your roster, it’s an excellent choice, and it will be a Pokémon you commonly see. Most players in the Master League have piles of legendary Pokémon in their collection, and Dialga is among one of the best.


Dragonite is a superb budget pick Dragon-type Pokémon. You’re going to see plenty of legendary Pokémon and even more Dragon-types. Dragonite is not the most powerful choice, but because of how common it is and easy it is to farm this Pokémon’s candy, plenty of trainers have ways to power it up. It’s a good pick that can brawl with several regular Master League Pokémon.


Excadrill is another budget Pokémon, similar to Dragonite. It had a minor adjustment to its moveset follow the Battle League’s sixth season that only increased its value. It’s now capable of winning against a Dragonite. While it is a little squishy, we cannot recommend Excadrill enough for players who are looking for Ground-type Pokémon. Because it’s on the squishy side, we recommend pairing it with a sturdy Pokémon that can take some hits.


The most powerful Ground-type Pokémon is Groudon, hands down. It’s arguably one of the best Pokémon for players to use in the Master League. If you have a Groudon with perfect stats and IVs, you’ll want to use it in these competitions. It has a high attack and defense power, making it a tough combatant that can take plenty of damage and dish it back out. It is weak against Mewtwo, Dialga, Latios, Zekrom, Garchomp, and Melmetal, so we recommend teaming it up with Pokémon that can protect against these weaknesses.


Ho-Oh is a budget legendary Pokémon that has been available in several special research projects and even more five-star raid events. What makes it even more powerful was giving it access to the fast move incinerate, a Fire-type attack that does plenty of damage and generates a good amount of energy. Players will want to use a Ho-Oh with this fast move to get the most out of the Pokémon.


Kyogre is one of the best Water-type Pokémon you can use in the Master League. Several Fire-type Pokémon, like Ho-Oh, Groudon, Garchomp, Reshiram, and Landorus (Incarnate), cannot compete with this Pokémon. It’s a good counter to all of the higher-end meta picks in the Master League, and if you see a lot of trainers using these Pokémon, you want to use Kyogre.

Landorus (Incarnate)

For those who have been keeping up with the Season of Legends, Landorus (Incarnate) appeared at the start of March, and now is the time to use it. Landorus (Incarnate) is a superb Pokémon choice in the Master League. It’s the strongest of the Forces of Nature legendaries, and while it does not outclass Groudon, it’s still a respectable pick for anyone keen on jumping into a Master League battle.


Machamp is the Fighting-type powerhouse Pokémon you want to use as your third Pokémon, alongside your powerful legendary ones. It’s a niche pick that, when carefully used, can give you a solid win after the end of a fight. Machamp is primarily used when battling against Groudon, Zekrom, Dialga, Mew, and Melmetal. It can’t win against many of the Psychic-type choices, but when you need to protect a particular weakness of your two other Pokémon on your Master League team, Machamp is there to fight and win.


If you need a Psychic-type Pokémon on your team, look no further than Mewtwo. Mewtwo appears every so often as a special research reward or in a five-star raid for an event. While it does appear frequently, it’s a powerful legendary Pokémon that you want to use against Zekrom, Landorus (Incarnate), Melmetal, Swampert, Kyogre, and Dialga. It’s not going to be able to take down Groudon, Lugia, or Ho-Oh, but Mewtwo can pack a punch. If you have a shadow Mewtwo, we highly recommend that one over the base version.


The final Pokémon you want to use in the Master League is Togekiss. It’s a Pokémon that is not at the top of the charts, and it is not going to be the best in every situation. Togekiss is extremely situational. You primarily want to use it to counter most Dark, Dragon, or Psychic-type Pokémon that will be the big weaknesses of your two other Pokémon picks for your Master League team. It does not fit onto every team, so consider your first two Pokémon choices’ weaknesses because adding it to your Master League draft.

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