Best Pokémon for the Premier Cup Ultra League in Pokémon Go – March 2021

The Premier Cup for the Ultra League is another competition in Pokémon Go’s Battle League.

Image via Niantic

If you want to avoid fighting legendary Pokémon in the Ultra League in Pokémon Go, you want to compete in the Premier Cup. In Pokémon Go’s Battle League competition, the Ultra League features another cup all players can choose to participate in called the Premier Cup. It’s a slightly modified version of the battles. Most of the rules are the same, except players cannot use any legendary or mythical Pokémon. You’re free to use any Pokémon, not in that category, and they can be leveled up through XL candy.

These are some of our favorite Pokémon that will be regularly used throughout the Ultra League’s Premier Cup.

Best Pokémon for the Premier Cup Ultra League

Alolan Ninetales (XL)

If you’d like to use unique Pokémon, Alolan Ninetales has increased in ranking thanks to the new weather ball (Ice-type). Like Politoed, Niantic figured if they were going to make a Pokémon better, they had better give it weather ball, and the concept worked just fine. The Alolan Ninetales will take on Abomasnow, Dragonite, and Gengar, who are regular fighters in the Premier Cup. You want to be mindful of Steel-type moves, though, and having a few Fire-type choices alongside Alolan Ninetales will be important.

Drifblim (XL)

Drifblim has become another Pokémon players are using in the Ultra League, and again, this is a great Pokémon if you give it XL candy. You want to use this Pokémon to take our Venusaur, Charizard, Gallade, and even Escavalier. It can also take out a Shadow Machamp if you’re worried about that, but you want to watch out for the Water-types and Ampharos. It’s a Ghost and Flying-type, so you have to consider watching out for any Electric-type attacks, but you primarily want to watch out for Dark-type Pokémon, which are spreading into the Premier Cup meta.

Galarian Stunfisk (XL)

It’s difficult to escape Galarian Stunfisk in the Great League, and thanks to XL candy, you won’t be able to escape it in the Ultra League. It’s surging through the charts, as one would expect this competitive Pokémon. It’s a reliable fighter in every regard, and any player with the capability to have one for the Great League and the Ultra League would do well to use them both. It might not do as well in the regular Ultra League, but the Premier Cup is a great spot for Galarian Stunfisk.

Jellicent (XL)

Jellicent only recently arrived into our lives, but it’s made a massive impact for all players. It was released a reward for players who reached a certain rank during the Pokémon Go Battle League Season 6. We’re hoping we see another Pokémon enter the game that’s similar to it during the halfway point of Season 7. Jellicent is an excellent Pokémon, and if you can power it up using XL candy, you’ll be in business as one the best competitors for this Premier Cup.

Politoed (XL)

Politoed received quite a bit of respect since it learned the new charge move weather ball (Water-type). It already has a good fast move, mud shot that is excellent at generating energy, but its charged moveset hit a new bar with a weather ball in its arsenal. You will see it pretty often throughout the Premier Cup, and because of that, you should expect to see other trainers using Electric-types far more often now.

Scrafty (XL)

Scrafty was the first Battle League reward Pokémon when the Battle League was initially released. It’s been well over a year since that moment, and the Pokémon has come quite a long way. It’s a Pokémon you want to use that will hit pretty hard and has a solid defense. It’s capable of taking on several Water-type regular Pokémon and even Snorlax. You typically want to have Scrafty at the front of your Pokémon team.

Shadow Dragonite

If you’re looking to take out the new Fire-type Pokémon that are appearing in the Ultra League, such as Talonflame, Dragonite will be able to counter it. You’ll be able to withstand most attacks, and with the best moveset, it’s a better charge Pokémon that you want using its charged moves fairly often. It’s not the best switch Pokémon, so you want to make sure it’s at the front of your line-up.

Skarmory (XL)

If you’re a player who missed out on the Talonflame hype and you were unable to acquire one for the Community Day, the next best thing is Skarmory. Many players compare the two, with Talonflame being the Fire-type Skarmory. You can use Skarmory in the Ultra League. Much like our recommendation for Talonflame, you want to make sure you power this Pokémon up using XL candy. Both of these Pokémon have brave bird available to them, but Skarmory typically has almost all Flying-type moves it will use, restricting it.

Talonflame (XL)

As we said previously, Talonflame has entered the fray for the Ultra League, thanks to using incinerate for its latest fast move. The attack boosts the Pokémon quite a bit, and if you’re able to power it up using XL candy, it can be a formidable foe in the Premier Cup. You want to make sure it has incinerate, or you’ll be missing the real hype for this Pokémon, and it helps, even more, to turn it an XL monster. If you don’t have the XL candy, we recommend keeping it in the Great League.