Best star power for each brawler in Brawl Stars

The best star power choices for your favorite brawlers.

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars features a variety of different characters you can play in the game. Each of them has access to different powers called Star Power, which enables them to use powerful attacks during the game. Star Powers can do different things, providing a unique benefit for your Brawler. Each of them has access to two of them when you unlock them, and of the choices, some are better than others.


For those attempting to play a supportive 8-Bit, you want to use the Boosted Booster star power, which increases the Damage Booster’s range by 50 percent. You can use it throughout a match, making it useful for an entire game.


An aggressive Barley is a good Barley. You want to primarily focus on using the Extra Noxious star power, which gives you an additional 140 damage per second to Barley’s basic attack.


Missing a supercharged attack can mess up any strategy, but Bea’s Insta Beeload star power corrects it. With it, if you miss your supercharged attack, it instantly returns to you to so Bea can use it again once per match.


Bibi is in her prime when she has her homerun ability fully charged. Both of her star powers lean into it, and of the two, the Batting Stance might prove a better choice. With it, she gains a shield protecting herself from 30 percent of the damage done to her.


Bo can choose to sneak up on enemies or utilize his powers to help set up his teammates. Of the two choices of star powers, the Snare a Bear one is likely to be superior, which stops his traps from doing a knockback and instead stuns an opponent for 2.0 seconds.


Doing more damage to everyone is always a good thing. For Brock, you can do this with his Incendiary star power. When his attack hits an area, it damages the ground and starts to do 600 damage per second, and it lasts for 2.0 seconds.


Bull can rush into a fight, but he becomes a primary target pretty quick, and players who utilize him need to bank on having low health. Both of his star powers utilize it, but of the two, Tough Guy is the better choice, and it gives Bull a shield that protects him 30 percent of the damage dealt to him when he falls below 40 percent of his health.


Carl throws his pickaxe at enemies, and it comes back to him, potentially damaging enemies twice. To lean on his special basic attack, you want to use the Power Throw star power. With it, his attacks have an increase 13 percent movement speed.


Colt needs to choose between being a quick fighter, or a faster gunslinger. Of his two choices for star powers, the magnum special may serve him better, increasing his attack range and bullet speed by 11 percent.


Crow can swoop in and finish an already damaged enemy, effectively removing them from a fight. With the Carrion Crow star power active, he can deal 120 more damage with his basic attack and Supers when enemies have lower than 50 percent of their health.


Darryl will crash into enemies when he uses his super, but it also makes him a primary target. To help reduce this damage, the star power Steel Hoops reduces all damage he takes while in this form by 90 percent for 0.9 seconds.


Placing Dynamike at key positions or having him maneuver around walls prevents him from being cornered. With the Dyna-jump star power, he can ride the wave of his explosives and jump over walls, ambushing enemies or escaping danger.

El Primo

El Primo charges straight into the fight, eager to do damage and peel enemies away from his allies. To assist in delivering damage, use the star power El Guego. When El Primo uses his Super, it burns for 1,200 damage for 4 seconds.


Emz can look out for herself, or make things easier for her allies. To remain a supportive member of the team, the Bad Karma star power is far more effective. With it, any enemies caught in her hair spray attack suffer increasing damage, 20 percent per hit.


Frank is heavy tank that can take plenty of damage who is not shy about dealing it back against enemies. Of his two choices, Power Grab is a great choice. He steals the power of Brawlers he defeats and increases his damage by 50 percent for 12 seconds.


At the time of this writing, Gale only has one star power available, which is Blustery Blow.


To double down on Gene’s supportive role, using the Magic Puffs star power is your best choice. Gene heals all friendly Brawlers for 400 health per second while they are around him.


Hit Jacky as much as you want, but she can take it, and she can turn it back against her opponents. Use the star power Counter Crush where, whenever she receives damage, she converts 15 percent of the damage into her Groundbreaker primary attack for a counterattack.


You can turn Jessie’s turret into an even more devastating force of destruction by using the Shocky star power. With it, the turret now shoots out energy orbs that bounce between enemies, and the bounce has 51 percent range of its normal attack.


Leon needs to strike fast to ensure he takes down critical enemies. To optimize on it, you can use the star power Smoke Trials, which increases his movement speed for 24 percent during the duration of his invisibility, allowing him to close the distance and take out foes.


Max wants to help her enemies move between locations fast. The more often she can use her super, the more often her allies benefit. To help with it, use the star power Super Charged, allowing her to charge her super while she’s moving.


Mortis wants to focus down a particular enemy and end them before they can do much else. To ensure he can take additional risks, use the star power Creepy Harvest. Every time he takes down a Brawler, he gains 1,800 of his health.

Mr. P

Mr. P is one scary Brawler, between the use of his exploding briefcases and his helmet penguin turret. The star powers assist one or the other, making it a difficult choice. Of the two, it might be better to go with the Handle With Care star power, which allows the suitcase to bounce and burst even if it doesn’t hit a target or an obstacle.


You want to lean on Nita using her bear to her advantage. The best way to do that is with the Bear With Me star power, where whenever her bear hits an opponent she regains 500 health, and whenever she hits an opponent, her bear regains 500 health.


Pam is all about keeping her allies alive and standing. She may not be too worried about damage, it doesn’t hurt to help her with team with it. You activate the star power Mama’s Squeeze, where her healing turret also damages enemies for 500 damage per second.


Penny’s Super ability uses a high-powered cannon to devastate her foes. Make it even more powerful with the star power Balls of Fire, where whenever it hits something, it also lights the ground aflame for three seconds, damaging enemies for 400 damage per second.


For those who are accurate with Penny’s primary attack, you want to be able to fire it off as many times as possible. To give you more shots to use, try the star power Snappy Sniping. Whenever you hit an enemy with her attack, she reloads 0.3 ammo instantly.


Poco has a large area of effect super that heals all of his allies within it. To make it even more devastating, you can use the star power Screeching Solo. Now, whenever you use it, the ability also hurts enemies for 800 damage.


Rico utilizes his unique bouncing attacks to hit opponents who would otherwise feel safe. For those who are risky and want to do it even closer to them, the star power Super Bouncy is perfect. The first bounce his attacks do, primary attack and super, it deals 100 more damage.


Rosa can be an aggressive Brawler for those who know how to properly utilize her super attack. For those who use it to engage the enemy, you can make it even more powerful by using the star powerThrony Glove. Now, her punches during her super do 220 more damage.


Sandy uses her super to protect allies and make it difficult for enemies to find them in a massive sandstorm. To help assist allies even further, the star power Healing Winds will now heal all allies inside of the storm for 250 health per second.


Shelly can be a deadly Brawler, but she’s a bit squishy. To help make sure she doesn’t fall immediately when she can’t locate health, you use the Band-Aid star power. When she falls below 40 percent of her health she instantly heals for 1,800. The star power will recharge every 20.0 seconds.


With Spike, hitting an opponent and making sure they stay down can be a little tricky, especially when you don’t have too much defense. A great way to keep Spike up in the middle of a fight is Fertilize star power. With it, when she’s standing in the area of effect of her Super attack, Stick Around!, she heals for 800 per second.


You want to keep Sprout up as often as possible, but you want to create a good amount of coverage for it during a fight and to ensure our allies have additional support. To help them out, you want to use the Overgrowth star power. Whenever Sprout’s primary attack, Seed Bomb, does not make contact with an enemy, it explodes into a larger radius than if it had hit someone.


When Tara uses her Super, she will crack open a dimensional portal and unveil a shadow version of herself. Of the two choices for her shadow to do, the star power Healing Shade will assist allies the most and provide them with additional healing.


Tick is a squishy Brawler, and when he can run away to protect himself and recover, he needs it. But you don’t want to keep him out of the fight for too long. To ensure he can return to a battle quickly, use the Well Oiled star power, which when he is not attacking or being attacked, he can recover health 2.0 seconds faster than normal.