Black Market Buy – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Walkthrough

Adam Jensen is back two years after the events of Human Revolution. In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Jensen is now working with Interpol to capture a terrorist group of Augmented Humans. The Game starts with a cutscene where Jensen is giving a quick overview of what happened in last few years and how the Humans are against the Augmented operative team.

Black Market Buy Walkthrough

Black Market Buy Walkthrough

This is the first walkthrough of Mankind Divided and Mission Director James Miller is briefing the team on how to take down ‘Sheppard’ in who is selling weapons to Augments Terrorists. Arun Singh who has worked hard to get inside the ‘Jinn’ – an Iraqi smuggling cartel. The Mission will take place at a half-finished high-rise Hotel in Dubai(2029). Sheppard’s will be meeting Singh inside the Hotel’s main Atrium while the Jinn’s crew will be guarding the Penthouse. Our Mission is to arrest both of them for further investigation.

Jensen will be starting solo from the roof and the main objective is to keep the Jinn away from the Party by blocking the Elevator Shaft. During the briefing, Miller will give you the choice if you want to take the Mission in Lethal or Non-Lethal way. We decided to go Non-Lethal and then take the Distance Weapon(Tranquilizer Rifle) for a better scope. Miller also informs about a Sandstorm approaching, so better make it quick.

Seal Off Access To The Atrium

After the Cutscene, you will get to control Jensen so firstly get used to the controls and make your move towards the entrance. From the Rooftop, Miller will guide you to the access route, but also inform that the direct route might be risky. Head straight, take right then jump down and make your way crouching towards the broken entry. Look on your right to open the Vent cover then continue towards the access point. After Climbing the Ladder look for the blocked heavy plastic Crates on your right, move them to make your way through.

Restore Power to The Keypad

As this is your first Mission the game will guide you with the controls. Hold A and Move forward to grab the higher ledge. Once you get to the site entrance, Duncan will update you with their position and ask you to hack the keypads. Firstly Assign your Smart Vision from the Augmentation Wheel and use it to locate the Keypads and safe routes. Break the Wall, get inside and you’ll find the Keypad is not functional. Use your Smart Vision to locate the Breaker and turn on the Power Supply. Make your Jump over the Breaker and use the Vent to get across.

Cover and Stealth Tutorial

Use the Hacking skill to get the Keycodes. You can check our Expert Hacking and Keycodes guide to know more about the Skill. Open the door and the game will prompt you if you want to know how to cover system works, we recommend to enter the tutorial mode and test your skills. After completing the Tutorial do the same in Real-time. Take Down the targets and then Use the Elevator to make your way towards the Penthouse.

Make sure you take the Stealth Tutorial which can help you understand the game mechanics well. Take Both the guards down then grab the Heavy Metal Crate and place below the vent to make your way inside. After getting out of the vent you’ll have another tutorial(Combat) ready and this once is very important if you want to take the Lethal way. Take the guards down and make your way towards the access point where Singh and Sheppard are meeting.

Note: Search every dead body to grab the grenades and other items

Stop the Chopper from Escaping

Once you Get to the access Point, another Keypad is waiting for you to hack. A cutscene will start soon after to break the Keypad. Get ready for some real combat, use the elevator to get down to the Atrium and start taking down the Terrorists one by one. The Sandstorm is approaching, make it quick and your secondary mission is to protect Singh. Make your way towards the Chopper and remove the Battery from the Hatch.

Hint: Use your Smart Vision to locate Singh and Chopper

Once you ground the Chopper, Sandstorm will approach and the cutscene will start. This was the End of the First Mission, you continue with the next Mission – Morning Comes Too Soon or check our other Walkthrough guide on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Wiki Guide.