Black The Fall Walkthrough Part 2 – Warehouse, Lower Basement And Workstation Space

In Part 1, you had made your path all the way from those ferocious metal cutting tray and jumped over a hanging bed, now you reach a warehouse type space where you will be dealing with a lot of puzzles.

Black The Fall Part 2?

Black The Fall Walkthrough Part 2


Climb up and follow the metal platform, jump up and use the big dish antenna to move ahead. Move ahead and get down, after a while you will reach a lift, go down. Use the device and point the laser on yellow light ahead. A metal platform will fall down.

Warehouse Puzzle

Get into the lift and go a level up and jump on to the platform on the right. Turn the lever making the laser to point to the yellow button. As the door open get to the next room.

Warehouse Puzzle

Warehouse Puzzle

Now in this room be careful and crouch after the giant moves ahead. Stand ahead the platform with red/yellow light blinking it will open up and go down. Move ahead and turn the lever to right, making the laser point at the door’s yellow button. Try to stay away from the lever as the giant will come to check what the problem is. As he leaves, get on to the top of the floor from right and escape from that room. Keep moving ahead and get to the next door.

Warehouse Puzzle

Warehouse Puzzle

In the next room go down, you will find a laser enhancer machine. And put your laser hand in it. Turn the lever until the laser points on the yellow button. Ride the cycle and get the pipe on top shift close to the lift. Collect your gadget and then jump above, use the device to bring the lift down, by reflecting it through the top pipe.

Now get down but be careful about the lasers. As the laser moves down take the lift down (remember the lift only travels one level at a time.) and jump on to the left platform and wait until the lasers travel up. Get into the lift and come down and move ahead.

Achievement Garage Days

Achievement (Garage Days): Here if you move to the left by pushing the gate, you will unlock an achievement.


Move ahead and pass through the room and in the next room be careful as you will encounter the Red laser again. Move ahead as the laser moves and then turn the lever. It will make a bridge, mind it cross it fast as it will collapse.

Lower Basement Puzzle

Lower Basement Puzzle

Lower Basement Puzzle

In the next room put your gadget into the machine and turn the lever to open the door. Get into the next door, jump on the middle platform there is a controller which will change the picture on the TV in the background.

Now let’s come to the puzzle, jump on the pipe from the platform, and then on the higher platform turn the lever to point the laser on the yellow button, right above the door you entered. As you move the laser from its original place an alarm will start and a high bean laser will be moving back and forth. Get to the extreme right and get on the higher platform and then jump back as the laser will hold out there for a while. And then get down and collect your laser from the earlier room.

Now get back to the same room and using the same process turn the laser to open the door on the left. (Remember it resets itself after a while so be quick.) Move to the next door, here you will have to cross the laser below you, it will activate a huge laser beam, get a level down to save yourself from it.

Achievement: High Hopes

High Hopes Achievement

Here if you get too low and move ahead then you will find a secret door right under the light.

Get back to the lift, get a level high and walk forward to the right on the pipes. Keep running and jumping on the railings and get to the other side, on the floor and pass the room and get down using the lift. Move ahead and put your hand into the machine and turn the lever to activate the yellow light and open the door.


The Robot Space Puzzle

Walk ahead and get on the plank and then on the pipe and jump on the pipe on the right. The jump on to the lower pipe railings move, ahead get to the lever switch (this will raise an alarm and activate the sleeping robots.) after the cinematic is over you will get to the ground move to the left and get into the yellow glowing hole.


Turn the lever the cart will move ahead and jump on to the platform ahead. And as you move ahead be careful as there are these 3 huge hammers which act as a pendulum. So be careful from them and then move ahead by jumping. After passing one you will have to jump a bit down and quickly get to the other side as the platform is weak.

Wokstation Base Puzzle

As you get to the third hammer get to a lower level and keep moving ahead and then jump on to the broken wall edges and keep moving ahead. And as you get on to the metal railings get to your left and jump on the higher railing and then keep going up by jumping.

Ahead there is industrial crusher get onto it and then let it crush the box. A went will open in the bottom jump into it. Here you will on a platform which will soon leave its balance so be quick and jump on the pipe. And then get on to the top.

As you move ahead you will see a sudden huge and thick pillar blocking your way and crusher coming from behind to kill you. Here the pillar is an illusion but the crusher is real so be quick and get out from there.

Move ahead and you will get a switch to turn on, as you turn it on a hydraulic flaming box will start moving towards you keep running to your left until you get a wall to climb on n then jump on the top of that hydraulics. And get to the other side as quickly as possible and get on to the plank.

Here there are three concrete planks with gaps having fire running up in intervals. So carefully get to the other side and turn the switch on to shut the fire. And then look for a moving shadow below and then jump on to it will land you up on a platform. This will take you to the extreme right, get down there.

(Remember before proceeding if you don’t have a headphone connected the please do as you will be needed it the most out here.)Push the gate and then just listen to the sound and react to it accordingly. Push the bars and there you are out of that miserable place into an open world, But hey!! Wait this isn’t over yet!

So this is the end of the second part, after passing through this base you will go out in the outer world in next part, you can refer to our guide The Outer World for all puzzle solutions.