Bloodborne Is Insane & Brutal: Here’s Beginner’s Guide To Take Care Of Your Beginning

 Bloodborne Is Insane & Brutal: Here’s Beginner’s Guide To Take Care Of Your Beginning

From Software’s Bloodborne is now out in the wild for PlayStation 4 owners. This game, which is so often compared to Demon Souls and Dark Souls is not completely similar to them in terms of controls and menus. It will take some time for you to get accustomed to the way you can control your character in Bloodborne.

Go through the following tips guide to know how you can begin with Bloodborne. Listed below are some of the basic as well as advanced features of this game which you must know before the massacre of your enemies begins.


How to use the User Interface in Bloodborne


The most important thing to watch out for in Bloodborne is your health bar. It is the red bar located at the top left corner of your screen. You can regain health after a few seconds of taking damage. The amount of health that you can regain is depicted by the light orange after the white mark.

  • Tip: After the enemy dies, continue to attack. It will help you get some more health from him.


Below the health bar you will find the Stamina bar. Your Stamina is consumes by various activities like running, attacking, dodging etc. The Stamina will regain very quickly, but do not let it drain completely.

Blood Vials and Bullets

Blood Vials are manual healing units which will help in regaining your health. You can use bullets when you are carrying a gun in your left hand. Guns are used to not cause damage but stun your enemies for a while and deliver high damage with the help of a melee attack.

Blood Echoes

Blood Echoes are the main currency of Bloodborne, you will see a count at the top right corner of your screen showing you the number of Blood Echoes that you currently have. A player gains Blood Echoes when he kills an enemy and loses all of those when he dies.


The number of insights that you have can be checked just below the number of Blood Echoes. You will need insights while in multiplayer mode. The insight counts can be increased by killing bosses, or by consuming the item Madman’s Knowledge.

How to level up in Bloodborne

With the help of more insight you will be able to see things which were unseen before. After you gain even one insight point you will see the doll in the hunters dream.

When you invest your blood echoes in a skill you will gain a level. Each time you level, the next one will cost more echoes. Bloodborne is a game which you can progress on depending upon your skills.

How to Fight in Bloodborne

To carry out attacks in Bloodborne is it very important that you understand the situation that you are in. Different attacks are perfect for different situations. If you are in narrow alleys, be sure of using stab attack so that you do not waste stamina by hitting the walls. When slashing multiple enemies use horizontal swing.

You need to gain precise knowledge of the weapons that you have. As mentioned earlier, guns are primarily used to stun enemies. But if you stun your enemy at the correct movement, he will bend down to his knees and you can cause huge amounts of damage.

  • Tip: You can improve your health in exchange of five Quicksilver Bullets. Use the triangle button to make up for lost health by using blood vials if you have a huge number of them.

In Bloodborne you will get many chances to learn about the weaknesses of the bosses. Do not repeat the mistake that you had done earlier and got killed. Change your tactics and use a different strategy for a new type of enemy.

A Brick troll can be killed by understanding the timings of his attacks and shoot him just before he strikes. Choose your weapons depending on the type of enemy that you are facing. Use long range weapons for enemies which can cause damage from a larger distance. Use guns when required.

  • Tip: Be sure that you explore the world of Bloodborne thoroughly as this game has many shortcuts, secret ways and items which can be of great value in the long run. Check out doors and windows for NCP’s.

Important tips for Hunters Dream

While you play Bloodborne keep an eye out for Messenger’s Lanterns, these serve as checkpoints for traveling to and from the Hunters dream. Hunters Dream is your connection for traveling to different areas of the game through headstones. Basically between Hunters dream and the over world.

You can buy consumables and various items from the messengers in the hunters dream. But be careful about spending them, as these are hard to find if you play a section repeatedly. You can store extra items, upgrade and repair weapons etc from the storage in the Hunters Dream.