Bloodborne PS4 Walkthrough: Best Way To Beat Your Fear & Vanquish Yharnam City

 Bloodborne PS4 Walkthrough: Best Way To Beat Your Fear & Vanquish Yharnam City

The hardcore fans of games, belonging to action role-playing featuring genre with rich Gothic environments like Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, will adore the plot of Bloodborne.

Bloodborne is the best example of creepy games filled with blood and gore. Bloodborne has a rich gameplay experience with each of its battles and bosses that beat the hell out and give you a hard time.


Bloodborne follows a simple plot, gamers will play this game in the ruined city of Yharnam. The biggest irony of this unique city is that, Yharnam is rumored to house a potent medical remedy, but it is completely plagued by endemic illness that has transformed most of its people into deadly bestial creatures.

Your aim is to survive on the streets of this infected city. A player will be one of the travelers, who has reached this city seeking remedies for his own self.

Bloodborne PlayStation 4 Controls

Bloodborne characters are fairly easy to control as soon as you gain basic control of which moves are mapped to which button. Here you will find descriptions on how to use Bloodborne PlayStation 4 Controls, basic as well as advanced.


With the help of the Triangle button you will be able to restore HP by using Blood Vials. Keep in mind that you will not be able to use this button if you run out of Vials.


The circle button can be used to carry out three different actions depending on the situation your character is in. You can use if when locked-on to enemy, with the help of left stick you can reach the desired direction.

When your character is not locked with the enemy, use it along the left stick to roll in the desired direction. Lastly use this button to sprint, hold down with Left Stick to complete the action.


Action button


Use item

L1 Button

With the help of L1 you can deliver “Transformational Attack” and you can do the transformation of right-hand weapon.

L2 Button

This button can be used to attack with the weapon in the left hand. It will also help in attacking the right hand weapon with both hands.

R1 Button

It can be used in two main forms, one is to deliver “Transformational Attack” when holding down the button to deliver a charged attack and along with the left stick forward to deliver a jump attach.

R3 Button

View Stats while on the stats page

Use to see Stat properties when on your stat screen

Right Stick

Camera control

R3 Click

Toggle between locks when near an enemy and reset the camera otherwise.

Left Stick

Character movements

Directional Buttons


Switch item to be used


Switch right-hand weapon


Switching left-hand weapon

Counter Shot

Here is how you can use counter shot:

  • Shot before the enemy is just about to attack you and use R1 when the enemy is falling to deliver a high power attack.


Here is how you can use Backstrike:

  • Attack the enemy with full charge from behind and use R1 when the enemy is falling to deliver a high power attack.

Bloodborne weapons

The weapons in Bloodborne are unique in themselves. You will find some melee weapons to be extremely interesting. These are basically of two different types. One is, those weapons which can be attached to each other and used as a deadly combination, another is the type of weapons which can transform themselves and turn into the ultimate killing machines.

Hunter Axe

The Hunter Axe has the unique ability to convert into hand axe or pole axe depending upon your need. This weapon can act as the ultimate execution tool for even the strongest bosses of Bloodborne.

Hunter Axe

This Axe has a typical curved edge for a clean sharp chop and are much heavier than other weapons which a hunter can hold in his hand.

Hunter BlunderBuss

Hunter Blunderbuss

The Hunter BlunderBuss is basically a gun which causes damage by shooting rounds and firing upon the enemies. The specialty of this weapon is that it can fire more than one bullet in one shot. This is a short range weapon. Blunderbuss is most effective when dealing with a mob of enemies. This gun will do more than intended if used correctly.

Hunter Pistols

Hunter Pistols

The Hunter Pistols are long range weapons used by hunters, even if they do not possess the power of a Hunter BlunderBuss but compensates with more high fire rate and larger range. The Hunter Pistols shots QuickSliver Bullets making it a deadly and a more powerful weapon than the shotguns.



As mentioned earlier, some of the weapons in Bloodborne can be attached together to form the most unique and deadly weapons, Kirkhammer is one of those weapons. A player will have access to a sword with which he can slash his enemies and for the ultimate killing blow attach this sword to a huge hammer by just using L1 and completely destroy the boss.

Threaded Cane

Threaded Cane

In its smaller form the Threaded cane is a blade used to slash enemies, but as soon as it is transformed into a whip it becomes a long range weapon covered in smaller blades which cuts through your enemy spilling a large pool of blood.

Saw Cleaver

Saw Cleaver

This was the very first weapon to be revealed by the developers: From Software when the Hunter character for Bloodborne was shown off. This weapon can be used as a pole arm with a long handle which makes use of the large force to slice the one at the receiving end.

Bloodborne Playable Characters

Hunter is the main playable character of Bloodborne. A player you will be controlling a hunter and his activities. Unlike other RPG’s Bloodborne allows you to choose the origin of a hunter instead of a specific fixed class. This leads to unique combination of hunters among players. The Origin of a hunter will influence his health and stamina. You will have countless options to customize your hunter in Bloodborne.

Standard Hunter

Bloodborne Walkthrough