Bonfire Locations in Nioh in Itsukushima Island


In the Nioh, to unlock the Keeper of the Flame Trophy, you need to find the three evil-warding bonfires in order to light them up in the Itsukushima Island, in the Chukogu region during The Ocean Roars Again mission, which would make the boss Umi-bozu to stop spawning minions so that you can win the fight easily. The following guide shows the Location of all three bonfires in the game.

Nioh Bonfire

Where to find All Bonfire in Nioh:

First, you need to get the Flint to light the evil-warding bonfire, in order to get it, you need to talk to the mage near to the Shrine.

1. To find the first bonfire, you need to cross the wooden bridge and then turn right side, ahead you will find the bonfire.

2. After crossing the bridge, go straight to find an archway and turn right and keep going until you come across a large wooden double door, go through the door and keep on turning right to reach behind a house. There you will find ladders, climb up to the roof top and take the left to the next building. Search for a hole in the roof, drop down to the hole and light the bonfire.

3. After lighting the second bonfire, go around the building and again climb up to the roof. Walk across the beam and cross the rooftops till the end then drop down from the right and take the left until you find a door, open the door to find the bonfire on the right side of the room ahead.