Bound by Flame Romance Guide: Romancing Rhelmar and Randval


Developers always find new creative ways of making their games as realistic as possible. Bound By Flame is no exception to this. Just like real life, ‘Romancing’ in games is not easy too. You have to complete certain requirements to get this benefit.

Bound by flame

Here is How you can activate the Romancing option in Bound By Flame:

Romancing Rhelmar

You will have to first complete some side-quests which will help you to activate the ‘Romance Option’. This option is available in the A Soul of a Prince side-quest.

Here is the list of side quests you have to complete for “Romancing Rhelmar”:

  • The Souls of the Elves
    • You will have to get 20 Elves’ Soul Stones for Rhelmar in this quest.
  • Camp Security
    • This quest helps to increase the defenses of the camp. Here you have to craft 10 Exploding Traps for Rhelmar.
  • The Soul of a Prince
    • At the end of ‘Camp Security’ you have to take Rhelmar’s side and take the ‘Creator’. This is a mandatory quest.
  • A Cure for the Prince
    • Complete this quest to be on safer side. After you complete other side-quests, if you check the second floor of the tavern you will find Rhelmar, the elf you have encountered at the end of the first main quest, named At The Service Of The Red Scribes. Close to Rhelmar, you will see his prince who was poisoned, and your goal is to find a cure for him.

Romancing Randval

The option of ‘Romancing Randval’ is enabled when you encounter 4 concubines during The Soul of a Prince.

Here is the list of side quests you have to complete for “Romancing Randval”:

  • The Dual
    • This is a dual against Randval on one-on-one basis inside the Village Hall. This quest will be completed when you win against him.
  • The Recruitment of Randval
    • After defeating Randval in The Dual, talk to the Captain and recruit Randval for the completion of this quest.
  • After Randval goes on patrol, look for the king and talk to the Elf Commander. If you walk by him he will talk to you. Go for a walk and accept his invitation. Another quest is to find all the ingredients for brewing a potion asked by Randval.
  • A Knight in Distress
    • Resque Sybil and Randval to complete this quest by taking down the enemies that comes in your path.