Breach Software Location – Deus EX Mankind Divided Collectible Guide

Deus Ex Mankind Divided features four different kinds of collectibles and Breach Software is one of them. The Breach Software looks just like data pads which can be used as hacking software and return rewards in bonus. There are 30 Breach Software in the game and this guide will show where to find and locate all 30.

Breach Software Location

Breach Software Location

Collect all the Breach Software to get the Bonus and use them in the Breach Mode to unlock more items and equipment. So here are the list all of 30 Breach Software and their locations.


Breach Software 1

In TF29’s office, go to the forensics lab(Fletcher’s Cabin) and hack the Safe.

Breach Software 2

As you enter Koller’s Time Machine bookstore take right and climb the Last shelf on the Right which says Biography.

Breach Software 3

The basement of Koller’s Time Machine Bookstore(workshop) check the behind the Laptop.

Breach Software 4

At Otar’s sewer-based casino check his main Desk.

Breach Software 5

While at Ruzika Station(level 1) check the servers room. As you enter head straight check between the boxes.

Golem City

Breach Software 6

In ARC Headquarters, make sure you check the RVAC Row(level 6) or get inside the Door which says 550125 and from the middle server rack grab the breach.

Breach Software 7

In ARC Headquarters, at Ridit Station(level 1) get inside the monitoring room to grab the breach from the last Monitor.

Breach Software 8

In ARC Headquarters, take right from Talos Rucker’s office main door to find this breach on his desk with lots of books.

Prague Second Visit

Breach Software 9

Inside the Monument Metro Station ticket office(Tourist Center).

Breach Software 10

During main Mission 11, get inside the Church of the Machine God and check apartment 93’s Server Room.

Breach Software 11

During main Mission 11, get inside the Church of the Machine God and check apartment 95’s painting to find the secret safe.

Breach Software 12

During main Mission 11, get inside the Church of the Machine God and check apartment 96. Check the shelves outside the washroom.

Palisade Bank

Breach Software 13

Inside the Bank head on to level 7 and get inside the executive safes area to find this breach inside the safe.

Breach Software 14

Inside the Bank head on to level 7 and get inside the executive safe’s area. Now go to Server Room B and on your left is an open Cable Duct, get inside and then take right to open the Duct. Crack the Safe Code – 1114.

Breach Software 15

Inside the Bank head check CEO’s office. Solve the mechanical puzzle to get into the secret area and grab the breach.

G.A.R.M. Facility

Breach Software 16

Check the second pod in Hangar 1 where the breach is right next to the monitor.

Breach Software 17

Head up to the level 3 from hanger 2 and get inside the closed room to find breach is right next to the monitor.

Prague Third Visit

Breach Software 18

In the Red Light District get inside the Dvali Territory Theater and make your way to vent to the main stage. Get to the dressing room, hack the level 4 Door and grab the breach which is right next to the laptop.

Breach Software 19

Inside the security office of the Palisade Metro station.

Breach Software 20

Go to the basement of Tubehouse Electronics and check the right side of the couch.

Breach Software 21

On the 2nd floor apartment behind TF29’s office crack the safe and grab the breach.

Breach Software 22

Simply check the alley near Tubehouse Electronics and right next to the sewer entrance get inside the storage unit(Garage Type).

Breach Software 23

Get inside the basement of Sobchak Security to check the desk.

Breach Software 24

Head to the sewers beside The Music Box shop. Inside the Sewers, take right and to climb up and turn off the gas. Drop down to the monitor area nad grab the software.

Breach Software 25

Inside the attic of the L.I.M.B. Clinic where you meet, Alex check the cardboard boxes.

Breach Software 26

At the Pilgrim Metro station, check the Server Room(Restricted Area) to get inside the security room with one guard.

Breach Software 27

While at Chikane’s Place make your way inside the apartment right above the Coffee Shop. Check the Book Shelf once you get inside the apartment.

Breach Software 28

During SM02 – Cult of Personality, make sure you check Richard’s room very carefully.

Breach Software 29

Check apartment 41 in Zelen Poor Apartment(Adam’s apartment) building and take a left to see the software right next to the blank monitor.

Breach Software 30

At the Capek Fountain Metro station, get to the server Room(Restricted Area).

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