Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – How to Locate Rituals and Sword in Shadows of Evil

 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – How to Locate Rituals and Sword in Shadows of Evil

Shadows of Evil is one of the Zombie Mode maps in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3. This Guide will provide you with every detailed on how to get all the Rituals for this Mpa along with the Sword. How to Locate this ritual and grab them is shown in this Black Ops 3 Guide.

CoD: Black Ops 3

Before we begin with the Walkthrough, we like to share some quick details about the Shadows of Evil Map. It is separated in 3 districts and a starting alley. You’ll come across Rituals in every stage and they are linked with the storyline of the characters. So Let’s Begin with the Map: Shadows of the Evil.

How to Find Nero’s Ritual

As You Begin with the Map, you must quickly use the purple torch o your left to transform into a Monster. After you transform you can easily break the crates on the truck which will provide you the key for the rituals.


Now deal with the Zombies and once you have enough money open the Door and you’ll find some intersection of every district. Here you need to find another torch which will help you turn into a monster, Now use your power to activate the power of the crane in the center near the Gobblegum machine. You’ll see a create which will blow itself and you get a feather Pen.


Continue with your transformation and have a look upstairs near the starting alley. You need to pass through the hall and continue on the roof to find another power switch that will activate the stair drop.

CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-1-4.jpg CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-1-3.jpg

Once you’ve reached the sacrificial room, you need to place the item on the table and reactivate it to begin the rituals. Now the Burning Spirits will spawn and just wait and watch till the end until the you see a portal worm. Grab this Portal Worm which is none other than Nero’s ritual.


How to Find Jackie’s Ritual

Jackie’s Ritual can be found in the Canals. So first transform into a monster with the help of the torch then run till the end of the Canals until you find a wall that can be pass through with the help of the power switch.


Now that the grid has been opened it’s time to break the crate and grab the Police Badge. Then Open the Door that lead to the Train station and Transform yourself back to the monster to locate the cabaret’s roof.

CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-2-2.jpg CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-2-3.jpg

Head down the stairs until you find the Stair’s switch. Now come back to the cabaret and place the badge to begin the ritual process.

CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-2-4.jpg CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-2-5.jpg

How to Find Jessica’s Ritual

Jessica’s Ritual can be found in the Footlight High Street. So first transform into a monster with the help of the torch and climb up the stairs. Here you’ll notice a crate on the neighboring edge and you need to jump over it and push the box with juicy tentacles.

CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-3-1.jpg CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-3-2.jpg

Later grab the wig and then open the door which leads to a place with many cars crushed. Time to transform again and hook on the show’s tower. Turn Around and you’ll notice a might power switch of doom. Place the Wig and let the sacrificial activity begin.

CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-3-3.jpg CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-3-4.jpg

How to Find Lloyd’s Ritual

In order to obtain the Lloyd’s Ritual, you need to head back to the main intersection and open the Waterfront district to progress ahead in the game. Head down the stairs and you’ll see a hook location.


Grab the Heavyweight Championship belt of the apocalypse and then open the door which leads to the railway station. Keep moving down near the harbors and give your best to open the door.

CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-4-2.jpg CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-4-3.jpg

Once you’ve passed through the rift underground, there will be a wall with shiny symbols on it. The wall should not be at the same place if you have performed every ritual correctly. Once in there you must place all the worms on the four altars and then use the wall run to get to the other side of the room.

CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-4-4.jpg CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-4-5.jpg

You must perform the last ritual once they all are in place. Now just wait and watch how the place moves with the epic music. In the end, a guy will appear and he will start informing and the portal door will open with a pack-a-punch. Now get outside and enjoy.

CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-4-6.jpg CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-4-7.jpg

How to get the Sword

All 3 stations: The Canals, The Waterfront, and the Footlight are connected in a point on the center of the Map and are joined after each station back to back. When you’re in the train search for a building with the symbols through the window, just like we shared the image below.

CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-5-1.jpg CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-5-2.jpg

The Symbol that appear will be for a short while so tag along a friend to help you out. Once you locate them get back to the underground and transform to a monster to break the walls with 9 symbols below the stairs. Now as you get inside you’ll see many eggs with a sword on them. So grab any egg.

CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-5-3.jpg CoD_Bo3-Shadow-of-evil-5-4.jpg

Now move ahead towards the 4 Cthulu-like statues on the map which has the crates and you need to place the egg over there. Get ready for some more action where you need to emulate few more zombies near the egg.


Once you done killing them, the egg will shine and you need to grab it again and repeat this process with the remaining 3 statues. After completing the process go back to the underground where you found the egg and place it back to its original position and grab the Most Powerful Sword from there.