Call of Duty: Ghosts Nemesis Guide to Unlock The Snow Monster, Star Power With Eyeballs, 10,000 XP & An Egg Emblem

Call of Duty Ghosts Nemesis is 4th DLC for COD Ghosts and brings lots of stuffs to unlock and earn. If you looking for a guide to unlock The Yeti, Star Power With Eyeballs, get 10,000 XP and An Egg Emblem then you are at right place, just read the following guide:

Call of Duty: Ghosts Nemesis

How to Unlock The Yeti (SnowMonster)

First you need to entirely complete the Field Order killstreak on the Subzero Multiplayer Map. Then you will get access to the “Beast Caller” Care Package, once you get it activate the Package which will give rise to the snowstorm.

Along with this snow storm will arrive Yeti hiding in it. You will now be able to encounter this ferocious monster.

How to Unlock Star Power With Eyeballs

You need to collect three eyeballs from the Extinction Mode’s Exodus map, to do this just stand next to the eyeball and press X PlayStation or Square on Xbox.

When you do this for all the three eyeballs, an electric currant will run through you and you will leave behind a trail of stars. You will now unlock boosters and feral instincts, you can destroy your enemies by exploding them in huge eyeballs.

How to Get or earn 10,000 XP & An Egg Emblem

This is a bit lengthy process, you will need to complete the “Egg-stra Nemesis!” challenge on all the Nemesis Maps. Then you will have to play a public match to unlock Easter egg in each map.

Then Shoot all the eggs in Multiplayer Mode and go to the Extinction Mode’s Exodus Map and activate the generator in the Nemesis DLC package to get the reward of 10,000 XP. If you complete it you will get the “Classified Patches” Emblem for searching the hidden Extinction Eggs.