Call of Duty WWII Wiki – All Missions Walkthrough, Memento Locations And More

Call of Duty WWII is back with more action and a story mode. You can play around Eleven missions in the game a journey of US Soldier Daniels. His ups and downs and efforts to save his friend from the enemy captivity. Fighting against Nazi, the story mode is also good to learn everything about the game. There are tanks and warplanes mission also. Below you can find full walkthrough along with various tips on the game.

Call of Duty: WWII Wiki Walkthrough, Tips And More


  • Mission 1: D-Day: This is the start, you will be fighting at the Normandy Beach, and the mission is to destroy 5 Bunkers and a Cannon.
  • Mission 2: Operation Cobra: In this part you will be heading towards Marigny to take control over the roadways.
  • Mission 3: Stronghold: This mission continues at Marigny, the war for taking control over the roadways continues here.
  • Mission 4: S.O.E Walkthrough: After getting intel about a train that is carrying V2 missiles the army heads to stop it.
  • Mission 5: Liberation: In this mission the soldiers are in Paris, getting assistance by a member of Resistance, the soldiers plan to liberate the city from Nazi rule.
  • Mission 6: Collateral Damage: Daniels and his troops are in Germany now, there are on an important mission to secure a hotel where they also found a few civilians.
  • Mission 7: Death Factory: Entering into the forest at Hurtgen, the army plans to capture a hill in order to have full control over the valley.
  • Mission 8: Hill 493: In this part the army reaches near to Hill 493. There will be a long fight in this mission in an open area, so you have to be very active in tracking down and shooting enemies.
  • Mission 9: Battle of the Bulge: After an unsuccessful attempt to capture Hill 493 the troops retreat and the next mission begins where you have to defend a Convoy. There will be a war plane mission in this part.
  • Mission 10: Ambush: In this mission Daniels and Zussman are appointed to infiltrate an enemy air base, they have to take down the trucks in the area.
  • Mission 11: The Rhine: This is the ending mission of World War II, Daniels convinces Peterson to take him back in the fight for locating his best friend.

Locations Guide

  • Tesla Gun Location: Tesla Gun is a powerful weapon that offers you multiple hits, you can follow the guide to locate its parts and then you can craft it.
  • Mementos Location: Locations of all 33 Mementos that are divided into 11 different missions.

Tips and Tricks

  • Restore Weapons After Death: Simple tip by which you can restore all your weapons when you respawn after dying in the game.
  • How To Upgrades Weapons: Weapons upgrade are done on the upgrade bench, by paying 5000 jolts you can unlock it. In this guide, you can find the methods to upgrade weapons.
  • How To call A Nuke Rocket Attack: Call of Duty World War 2 has a Nuke attack, this one is a new installment in the game. You can call a V2 Rocket attack.