Can you catch a shiny Terrakion in Pokémon Go? – November 5, 2021

Can you catch one?

Image via Niantic

The legendary Sword of Justice Pokémon are returning in Pokémon Go for a limited time. You’ll have the opportunity to capture Terrakion, the Rock and Fighting-type Sword of Justice Pokémon, from a five-star raid. It will be appearing from November 5 to 16, during the Festival of Lights event, where it can also learn the exclusive move Sacred Sword. What are the chances of you catching a shiny Terrakion during this event?

We can confirm that Terrakion will be appearing during five-star raids throughout this event. You’ll want to work together with friends and other players to defeat this Pokémon to have a chance to catch the shiny version. This is not the first time Terrakion has had its shiny version available in the mobile game, meaning players will want to jump on this as fast as they can before it disappears again.

You have a decent chance of potentially receiving this shiny version, but you have a little over a week to do that. For Pokémon Go, that’s not the most amount of time. However, if you find the correct groups to work with you and reach out to friends for them to send you invites, you should acquire at least one Terrakion shiny version.

When Terrakion goes away, it has a chance to appear in future five-star raids. However, we don’t know if those encounters will feature its shiny version.