How to Catch Ho-Oh in a Pokémon GO Raid

Pokemon GO

After completing the Global Catch Challenge and catching over three billion Pokémon, Niantic has finally released the Legendary Fire and Flying type Ho-Oh. Players have been waiting anxiously ever since Legendary Pokémon were announced and, today, I’m going teach you how to catch the missing link between Legendary Beasts like Entei, Raikou and Suicine. Ho-Oh is only around for a limited time, you can battle and catch Ho-Oh between November 27 and December 12.

How to Catch Ho-Oh

Since Ho-Oh is both Fire and Flying, you’ll want a strong group of Electric, Rock, and Water types to use in this Raid. The Pokémon listed below will give you the best shot at defeating this Fire and Flying type with the ultimate goal to catch Ho-Oh.


How to Catch Ho-Oh in a Pokémon GO Raid
OmastarTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The fossil Pokémon, Omastar, is a perfect combination of Rock and Water. While a combination of Rock Throw/Rock Slide is the best move set to have, any combination of Rock Throw/Water Gun with Rock Slide, Rock Blast, and Hydro Pump will do.


The Legendary Electric and Flying type is a perfect match against Ho-Oh. A move set of Charge Beam and Thunderbolt/Zap Cannon will deal a lot of damage.


If you haven’t seen a pattern with this Rock and Ground type Pokémon, you must have your head in a rock. Golem has played a huge part in Legendary Raids and fills the role quite nicely again. Make sure your Golem has Rock Throw with Stone Edge/Rock Blast as its move set.


How to Catch Ho-Oh in a Pokémon GO Raid
VaporeonTL;DR Games • Fair Use

This Water type evolves from Eevee and will pack a punch against Ho-Oh. Water Gun with Hydro Pump/Aqua Tail are the moves you’ll want Vaporeon to have.


How to Catch Ho-Oh in a Pokémon GO Raid
TyranitarTL;DR Games • Fair Use

This Dark and Rock type Pokémon has accompanied Golem several times in Legendary Raids. While it may not be as effective as Golem, the move set you’ll want to have is Bite and Stone Edge.

With a little luck and a large enough group, you will be able to bring your target to the ground for a chance to catch Ho-Oh and add it to your Pokédex. Remember that Ho-Oh will only appear until December 12, so you only have a limited amount of time.