Chapter 10: The Twelve Towers – Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

After exploring the Avery’s Graves at Scotland in Chapter 9, Nathan finally explored the next hint which is near the Volcano at King’s Bay – Madagascar. The Safari begin right at the King’s Bay and let’s see what comes next in Nathan’s final journey in Uncharted 4. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Chapter 10.

The Twelve Towers Walkthrough

The Twelve Towers

After the cutscene, you will find Nathan, Sam and Sully in a 4×4 Jeep with a winch. Your destination is to reach the area near the Volcano, so let’s get started with the journey. You’ll be having fun with the Bumby off-roading, you can keep following the Path with the tires tracks until you reach the first Ruined outpost.

Off Roading

Head towards the Waterfall to explore the secret cave and grab the collectible then head left then take right after passing the wooden bridge. Use the Rocky area to climb up with the car and then pass the bridge and make sure you take it real slow. Take left and again try to use the Rocky path to climb higher easily otherwise the car would slip downwards.

Keep following the Tyre tracks until you see the Top on top of the Hill. That’s the next checkpoint so keep going and following the path. As you reach near the Tower, explore the Tower and get the next clue. Now it’s clearly not possible to take the car up so it’s time to use the winch. Pull it from the Jeep and lock it across the Tress up then pull the car.

Shoreline Outpost 1

Keep driving the Jeep until you come across the Shoreline outpost and here you can either take them down from the start or else the Stealthy way which we prefer will work easier. There are 12 enemies out there so it’s better you take them quiet and easy, once you are done taking them out use the Bridge which will eventual break and then use the Winch to lock both the Pillar and break them down.

Shoreline Outpost 2

As you move forward you will see that the Shoreline enemies are patrolling the area near the Volcano so you must avoid alerting them. Take a left and head up slowly and you will head a huge blast on the right where Shoreline enemies had explored the area. We take left and climb up where you will see the ruined outpost and once you reach the top of the tower you will see where to head next.

As you reach the next tower you will need to climb the tower at the right also get ready to face some of the Shoreline enemies once you swing down with the Container and try to lower the bridge. There will be two waves of Shoreline enemies so we recommend to take it Stealth mode. Later drop down the bridge and continue to Massive Tower you saw.

Tower Underneath

Before you reach the Last Tower you will be having a fun accident with the winch so do enjoy it and once you make it to the tower Break on the Left to get inside and then push the table with the help of Sam to see the Brick Wall. Use one of the cylinders to blow up the wall and head inside walks down to the lower level where Sam was eager to explore and get ready for the Final faceoff with Shoreline enemies.

Shoreline Enemies

Surely the Shoreline enemies have discovered this place earlier and they wanted to eliminate their rival which is us. Here you will be fighting the High-level Shoreline enemies who are well armored and take only head shots die. Take them down and thus Completing the Tenth Chapter of Uncharted 4 Thief’s End and you can either continue to the next Chapter 11 – Hidden in Plain Sight or check out our Uncharted 4 Wiki Page for treasure, journals locations and Much more.