Chapter 14: Join Me in Paradise – Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

At the end of Chapter 13, Nathan and Sam had finally reunited after the boat crash and together they explored the Mysterious island which took them to the Lost Pirate City – Libertalia. In this Chapter, you will be exploring more of the city and face off the Shoreline guards and finally find the clues to Avery’s Treasure.

Join Me in Paradise

Join Me in Paradise

After the cutscene is over you are open to the wide area for exploration and once you are done with it head towards the Tallest building with Guard tower over it. While heading towards the tall building you come across a sunken square with gave nearby so head behind the broken stairs and then head towards the bookcase to get past the area.

The Shoreline Guards

Keep following the passageway until you come across the skull and crossbones on the wall, take the ladder to climb up and head inside the ruined church. Use Grapple hook to swing across the wooden platform and get ready for some action with the guards. Here it is very difficult to take a stealth approach so we recommend to take cover and shoot them all.

Once all the Guards are down head upstairs and grab the sniper rifle to take down more of these guards from a distance. As you find the area clear use the hook to swing across and head left to get inside the building, drop down and make a good jump towards the next building.

Shoreline Guards 2

Take right and jump on the lamp post to get towards the wall of the next building. Keep climbing up and you will encounter few more Shoreline Guards so take them down use the Rope to swing to the far side and fight these guys with melee to get them quickly or if you have the Sniper then no problem at all.

Swing towards the Tower in the middle and boost up Sam and climb with him. Jump across the gap and drop down to open the door. Kepp walking and get inside the building and start climbing to the top of it to use the Jump and Swing combo. Again use the Swing to get across another building then climb through the hole in the wall and slide down.

Keep walking far side of the courtyard and climb a few steps to pull the lever and Open the Door. Thus completing the 14th Chapter of Uncharted 4 Thief’s End and you can either continue to the next Chapter 15 – The Thieves of Libertalia or check out our Uncharted 4 Wiki Page for treasure, journals locations and Much more.