Chapter 17: For Better or Worse – Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

 Chapter 17: For Better or Worse – Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

At the end of Chapter 15, after Nathan and Sam reunited and explored the other half of the Libertalia, we saw how Sam lied to Nathan about the Alcazar’s debt and all. In this walkthrough, we will show the overall story for Chapter 16 where Drake Brother rename their self and then continue with the present Adventure with Elena.

For Better or Worse

Chapter 16 – The Brother’s Drake

In this Chapter, you will control young Nathan once again and find out what and how Drake name come from. You need to head inside the building and find for your Mom – Cassandra Morgan’s Book, but you meet another crazy woman who explain you how your Mom and she had an undiscovered treasure. Finally, cops show up and you escape from the area and Name to hide, Sam chooses to call yourself as the Drake Brothers.

Chapter 17 – The Better or Worse

After the cutscene is over start following Elena as she has one of the Shoreline’s Jeep to get out of there quickly. Follow her and then Boost her up to the ladder then look for the elevator at the vantage point. Continue following Elena and start swimming in the mud water towards the left.

Help Elena by boosting her up to the ladder and unfortunately the ladder break but she drops down the crate which can be used to climb the Pillar then walk on the wooden log to get across. Nathan will soon slip down the stream so use the rope to swing and then make the use of Piton which we bought from our dead pirate friend and start climbing up.

Shoreline Guard

Once you get to the hanging part you will encounter the Shoreline’s voice and until the time you get there, Elena makes sure they don’t hurt you anymore. From the Wooden Cliff, head left and start climbing again to the top then a small jump from the gap to your left. As we know if two of the guards are here there must be few more nearby.

Shoreline Guard outpost

The Shoreline guards are waiting for you as they found out the Car is empty. Tag them all and take them out one by one and once you’ve cleared the area you are free to use the Jeep and head Upriver where there is opening by the waterfall. After passing the fall take left and drive down through the rocks and again take the rocky path to get across the river.

Elevator Route

Make use of the Muddy slope to get up to the left and drive down to the foot of the elevator. Here is the tricky part you need to use the Winch to lock the wooden block on the left where there is a balcony, then start climbing up to let Elena stop the Gear and you can join the gear to make the Elevator Working.

Shoreline Guards

As the Elevator starts moving up you need to hurry and climb in the Elevator, but guess what the Shoreline guards shows up right on time and they start shooting at you. Take them all down then follow up with Elena where she already took off the guards by the Elevator. Drive the Car and continue with your exploration and also make use of the muddy rock while crossing the river.

Control the Jeep very well while passing the river current and you need to head left of the stream. You will come across two jammed doors where you need to pull the second lever across the second gate and let Elena drive through the door. You will again find some slippery slopes so be careful of those and keep following the path around until you make a good jump over the Collapsed bridge.

Collapsing Bridge

Open the Elevator door and let Elena drive the car in there, once you reach up just drive through and enjoy the environment. After a few yards, you’ll come across another bridge and as you head left and run over the bridge it will start collapsing and you will end up using the rope for the swing and then Elena will pull you up.

We are back to climbing again so head up and start already. Drop down to your left then climb the handholds until you get up the top of the waterfalls. Get inside the cave then keep following the path until you head out and see caged Skeleton to by examined.

Make use of those to get to the Higher ground and head towards the broken bridge and thus completing the 17th Chapter of Uncharted 4 Thief’s End and you can either continue to the next Chapter 18 – New Devon or check out our Uncharted 4 Wiki Page for treasure, journals locations and Much more.