Chapter 6 – Once a Thief – Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

 Chapter 6 – Once a Thief – Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

Once Sam manages to escape from the Prison in Chapter 5, he also convinces Nathan to join him for the Adventure for Avery’s Treasure for one last time. Nathan is now ready and calls up Sully to join him in this Adventure. So let’s see what happens in Chapter 6 – Once a Thief.

Once a Thief Walkthrough

After listening to Sam’s Story Nathan is ready to help him find the Avery’s Treasure one last time. So they Travel to Italy and plan to steal the Avery’s Cross first, but the Cross is up for Auction where Rafe Adler and his partner Nadine Ross who has an army of mercenaries.

Once a Thief…

After the Cutscene is over you and Sam need to make your Way to the Storage room behind the Mansion and make your way through it. Start moving on the Left side and keep following the rough path on the Mountain until you reach near the bridge where you must use the Grapple Hook. Be careful as the Nathan is now a little old so he will be slow but active.

Climb down and then let Sam take the lead as he has the Grapple hook, then finally with a swing on the branch you finally make it to the one side of the Mansion. Get inside the Building and then use the Grapple Hok again to climb down and jump to the other side. Climb on the Second Pillar then a swing to make it to the next wall and keep climbing until you get inside the Room where Sully is waiting for you.

The Pickpocket

As you see in the cutscene someone had shuffle the Auction order and put Avery’s Cross in the first lot so now Nathan has to look for the Power panel where he can Cut off the Power and meanwhile Sam will pickpocket the Cross. So heading down to the door we find the door is locked and you need to pickpocket one of the waiters to get the keycard and then enter the Power room. Try your 2 best chances and finally, Sam will help you distract him and grab the card.

Getting Disguise

Once you and Sam get inside you need to find two waiters for you to use their disguise. Keep following Sam and avoid opening any doors to alert any of the Guards. As you get to the Basement simply head right from the locked door to push the big Barrel on the other side and make your way.

Open the Door with the room full of barrels and this room is kinda Maze as there will be no light and you need to make your way towards the Power cable room. Head Straight then Take the First Right and Pull the barrel back to make your way from the other side. Then head back then enter from the Parallel path to pull another Barrel Back. Head towards the Locked Door then take left to see the Path is now open, jump to the other side and Pull the Last Barrel to climb up the Vents.

After making our of the Vent Sam will finally get his waiter to Disguise with, but Nathan still needs to get to the Power room. He needs to jump from one building to another, climb the window then finally a jump fails and the cutscene begins. After the cutscene, you need to jump from one poll to below poll and make your way to climb up the Building.

Power Cut

Walk through the power Vent and get down once the guards are outside. Now the Door is locked and you must find something to break it very quick. Head back to the table on the right with the white container and grab the Pipe. Enjoy the cutscene. Thus Completing the Sixth Chapter of Uncharted 4 Thief’s End and you can either continue to the next Chapter 7 – Lights Out or check out our Uncharted 4 Wiki Page for treasure, journals locations and Much more.