Chapter 7: Lights Out – Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

 Chapter 7: Lights Out – Uncharted 4 Walkthrough

Nathan Finally managed to Cut of the Power in Time in Chapter 6, but Rafe and Nadine had a doubt on Sully. In Chapter 7 you, Sam and Sully needs to escape the Mansion without getting caught. The Things are about getting worst and full of action in this section. So let’s see what happens in Chapter 7 – Lights Out.

Lights Out Walkthrough

Lights Out

As we said this chapter will be full of actions so you need to be quick and patient at the different part of the section. So begin with the Nathan heading out the Power room and Sully asks you to meet at the Driveway near the Ballroom os let’s get started. You need to keep following the Spotlight to know the right path and make sure you don’t die as the security is too tight.

The Escape

Make your way towards the Rooftop and as Sully said keep running towards the Spotlight. Jump over to the next Building’s roof and you will now learn about the detection of the enemies where if the White meters fills then the Guards will start investigating the area when then the meter turn yellow and if Red they have located you. Here you need to play a little low profile and avoid any fights until you have the gun.

Once you made it inside one of the building, use the balcony to jump to the roof and continue your way towards the Ballroom. You can also use the Grass to stay hidden and taking down the enemies in stealth mode. Climb to high to get to a vantage point, and once you get inside the Library get ready to face off with Nadine.

Nathan v/s Nadine

A Cutscene will trigger as you get near the door and then the fight begins. You will have multiple options to answer her questions so select any of those options, you will finally be thrown out of the Window where Sully asks you to hurry up to the Ballroom, soon Sam will join you and pass you the Gun while you hanging on the Brown sign. Kill the guards and then make your way towards the Driveway.

Avoid detection and you will easily get through it, and if you get detected then let the show begin. Remember to cover and shoot to maintain your health, soon the guards count will increase and you need to take down every one if them to get through the hallway. Soon Sam will contact you to back him up at the Ballroom so grab the Wooden cart and make your way towards the top to Swing the rope inside the Ballroom.

Help Sam with the Fight and Sully will ask you to get outside the ballroom due to some change in plans. Fight your way out and get inside the White Limo. Thus Completing the Seventh Chapter of Uncharted 4 Thief’s End and you can either continue to the next Chapter 8 – The Grave of Henry Avery or check out our Uncharted 4 Wiki Page for treasure, journals locations and Much more.