Checking Out TF29 – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Walkthrough

After meeting with Doctor Koller in Mission 3, Jensen must get complete the side mission to get the Calibrator from Gangsters Otar. Once complete the side mission, Miller will again contact you and ask you to report him immediately. You need to report back to your office at Cista District and find out why you were caught off guards by the blast at the station.

Checking Out TF29 Walkthough

Checking Out TF29 Walkthrough

You are ready to investigate the Aug incident which TF29’s are trying to Fix. According to Alex, the Juggernaut Collective thinks TF29 is being Manipulated so it’s better to uncover the truth by yourself. Head towards the marked location and use the Elevator keycard. Alex will guide you with the data port on the NSN’s motherboard and record all the evidence.

Plant the Whisper-Chip

Head to the Marked location and on your way you’ll meet Aria who will hand over the new card for the shooting range. Keep walking towards the NSN servers, but you need to get the NSN Keycard so head back and use the Vent near the stairs to get inside. Hack the Server Room Keypad and then grab the chip reader and place the Whisper-Chip.

Note: Try to complete the Side Missions in order to reveal more information.

Meet Miller in His Office

After updating the Whisper-Chip in NSN, go ahead and meet Miller in His office where the cutscene will begin. Miller will ask you to help the police with the metro blast instead of looking into the Dubai case. This brings us to the End of the fourth Mission and you can either continue with the next Mission – Claiming Jurisdiction or check our Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Wiki to know more about the Missions and tricks.