Checking out the Men Incharge – Deus Ex Mankind Divided Walkthrough

After confronting Starek in Mission 8, its time to focus on the Miller’s intention with the Interpol. Alex will ask you to search Miller’s apartment for more information as he has left the town to oversee the chaos in Golem City. So let’s see what evidence we find at Miller’s apartment and how we recover the data.

Checking out the Men Incharge

Checking out the Men Incharge Walkthrough

Search Miller’s Apartment

Miller’s apartment is not far from the TF29’s office so let’s head directly to his apartment at 33 Hlavni Steet. Climb upstairs to the second floor than either hack his door or try to sneak in via window, once you get inside, start your Smart Vision and search for all the items you can pickup. Finally, head up and throw a punch at the punching bag to open the secret Door and there you’ll find his Personal Keycard, Another Laptop, and NSN card.

Meet Vega neat TF29

Just below Miller’s Apartment, you will find Alex. Discuss and give all your Opinion about what happened at Golem City. If you haven’t given the Evidence from Rucker to Miller then hand over to Alex and let her do the research on the same. Jensen decides to hack into Miller’s NSN to know what the real dirt is all about. Alex will be hearing everything you do inside the NSN so let’s get going.

Use the NSN

Head straight to TF29’s Office and without any interference go inside Miller’s Office. Make sure you have looted all the place from Snipers to lock up passwords. Once you are ready then get inside and watch the cutscene carefully. Inside holographic NSN you’ll appear as Jim Miller and in this virtual world, you must hack all 5 servers to get the data.

Retrieve Data from 5 Servers

You will end up at the Large conference room with three indentations, head right then take a left to travel to the Memory Pad section. Inside the Memory Pad, you’ll have to hack 5 servers(Purple Data Towers) via remote hacking. This Remote hacking can also be used to clear certain paths and access new areas. In the First room, you’ll have black security nodes which can be easily hacked. Crawl through the vent and access you first Server.

The second area is a little interesting and confusing as there are 3 Data towers on each platform. First, take a right and hack the two server blocks to come out. Now make the Jump and then download the Data. If you fall down then head back and there climb the stairs to do the process again.

The Right Data Server is downloaded, now it’s time to take the left Server. Get down and Here you need to get past the Cameras so remote hacking the only option here. Look for the Server blocks to open and then get inside the vent unnoticed. Do the same inside and head right to climb the ladder. Once you head up, download the Data and jump Down.

Now head straight and get past the laser by crouching and moving a little faster. the timing here is very important so just look at the pattern and then make your move. Once you get past the laser, climb the ladder and on the upper floor hack the Ladder to open it. Climb up and download the fourth data.

Once you download the fourth one, two server blocks will pop out. Select the Left one and hack open the other Server block. Climb up and find the open window to jump down, here is your final Server and it time to see what the fuss is all about and what’s wrong with Miller.

Thus completing the walkthrough for mission 9 and you can continue to next Mission 10 – Facing the Enigma or check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki to know more about the game collectible location, tips, tricks, and cheats.