Child of Light: Fix for Offline issues, Corrupt Files, Random crashes, Texture and Sound issues and Steam overlay issue

Child of Light is about a little girl Aurora, who is stolen from her house. Now she has set off on a quest to go back. But Before that she must rescue the sun, the moon and the stars from the ruthless Queen of the Night. Child of light is powered by UbiArt Framework, this engine was used to create games like Rayman Origins and its sequel, Rayman Legends. Child of light has been released for all major platforms.Child of Light, an artistic 2D RPG game is not yet free of issues and crashes.

Child of Light

Here is a guide to solve Child of Light issues:

Offline mode launch issues

If the game is launching only in online mode, then you need to change your proxy settings for Uplay. For that go to Uplay client > Settings > Network and uncheck “allow Uplay to use a proxy connection”. Now you should not have any problem launching the game in offline mode.

Corrupt Files

If Child of Light is crashing in its early loading process then some of the saved files may be corrupt, the solution is to uninstall and reinstall the whole game. Just backup your game files first and the install a fresh copy. If you have backup, the time taken for the process of installation will reduced.

Random crashes

If Child of Light is suddenly crashing then the basic thing to verify is the system requirements, see if all the minimum system requirements are met. If not then the game is bound to crash randomly. If you are sure than all the minimum system requirements are met then check for problem with the cloud. Set it to offline is required. If using Steam then verify the integrity of game through Steam, for that go to Game library > Properties> Local files > Verify integrity of game cache. The last thing is to se the Day 1 patch which will help you get rid of crashes.

Texture issues

If you are not able to see the game in its proper shape, the first ting to do in any game, is update your graphics card drivers. They should be upto date.

Steam overlay issue

If you are having issues with steam overlay while playing Child of Light then you should close all the background programs and then launch your game. There should be no issues with no background programs running.

Sound Issues

Update your sound card drivers and then check for any hardware issues. See if the desired input is set as default.