Claiming Jurisdiction – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Walkthrough

After meeting with Miller in Mission 4, he wants Jensen to look after the Railway station accident instead of focusing on the Dubai incident. You Job is now is to travel to Ruzicka and update yourself with the Mission. As the Whisper-Chip is placed correctly, Alex informs that they will take the time to decrypt the new algorithm.

Claiming Jurisdiction Walkthrough

Claiming Jurisdiction Walkthrough

Walk out of the TF29 office and head towards the newly marked location towards the railway station. According to Miller, TF29’s forensic technician ‘Smiley’ was appointed for the investigating the Bombsite, but never returned. Your Job is to travel to Ruzicka find out why.

Travel To Ruzicka

Head towards the Cista Metro and update Miller about the same where he briefs you with the updated plan. Travel to Ruzicka to meet Smiley and the cutscene starts. After the cutscene Smiley says there is an important evidence on the data storage device and Police won’t let anyone in hence he will brief you about the location where you can grab the Evidence without getting noticed, so let’s get started with.

Retrieve the Evidence

Climb the Stairs, take left and hack the first Keypad Door. Inside the room, move the Brown plastic crate then make your way inside the vent to get past the Police area. Outside the vent let the two guards move then take a right and climb the stair. From here there are Four Guards patrolling the area, so it’s totally upon you, how you want to take the Chip. We tried it Non-Lethal way and using the Stealth mode.

deus-ex-mankind-divided-mission5-2.jpg deus-ex-mankind-divided-mission5-2.1.jpg deus-ex-mankind-divided-mission5-2.2.jpg deus-ex-mankind-divided-mission5-2.3.jpg

Note: If you choose the Lethal way, then the whole Area will be alerted.

Travel to Cista CTVRT

Once you grab the chip, escape the area and make your way towards the Headquarter at Cista CTVRT. As soon as you leave the Cista Station, Miller will contact you and update about Chang’s lead in the Case and ask you to meet the Psychiatrist: Delara Auzenne. Thus Completing our walkthrough and moving on to the next Chapter – Taking Care of the Business or check our Deus EX: Mankind Divided Wiki to know more about the game.