COD: Black Ops 3 – Top Tips for Combat Movement Controls

 COD: Black Ops 3 – Top Tips for Combat Movement Controls

Players have noticed in the Beta version itself about all the amazing combat movements in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The black Ops 3 will allow you to use your combat movements depending on the surrounding(around momentum). Here are all the tips for the combat moves you are going to use during the gameplay.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta

As you grow in a level you start to unlock the pack of new moves. You need to keep moving and level up yourself to win the game.

Endless Sprint:

As there is not bar that indicates that you are out of your breath, you can now run endlessly in the game. You need to use and focus on the sprint as you need to reduce the distance between you and your enemy. Mostly used in Rush objectives of the game.

Using Mantle:

You can mantle over obstacles even when you are sprinting and controlling over the weapon. You can use mantling in all directions instead of only using moving forward.

Thrust Jump:

To Perform a Thrust jump you need to be in air. While in air press and hold the Jump button and you will perform a complete Thrust Jump. The more you time you keep the hold on the jump button the more you thrust upwards. There are a thrust meters which shows how long you can jump and the meter is refilled when you are on the ground. You can also change direction while in the air by using the thrust.

Power Slide:

To perform a power slide, you need to press the crouch button when you are sprinting. You can also shoot when you perform a power slide so try using it once. Also, you can try power sliding after a jump or a thrust jump. Your opponents can be disoriented with an amazing slide.

Wall Run:

To perform a Wall run you need to press left stick the direction of the wall while in the air. This move can also be changed into a Thrust jump or a power Slide. You can also use weapons normally while your are performing the Wall Run. Try changing the direction of a wall run by turning into the wall, then to the desired direction.


You can still retain the weapon control while swimming. You can swim in any direction you want. As you swim you lose oxygen slowly so you need some air. Try performing the Thrust Jump and get some air to swim more.

Hope this guide was Helpful. If you have any doubt then you can post it below in the comment section.