CoD: Black Ops III Awakening DLC Tips and Tricks for all Maps

 CoD: Black Ops III Awakening DLC Tips and Tricks for all Maps

CoD: Black Ops III Awakening DLC is now available on PlayStation Store. This new DLC provides various features along with four new maps and the most dangerous zombie experience. This Guide will show you Tips and Tricks for Gauntlet, Splash, Rise and Skyjacked in CoD: Black Ops III Awakening DLC.

Tips and Tricks for all Maps

The All new Awakening DLC will provide the players with different challenges and try to test your player level. The Four new maps have different area mechanics with an addition to the New Zombie mode – Der Eisendrache(The Iron Dragon). So We have the Tips for all the new maps and how to survive the zombie mode.

Tips and Tricks for all Maps


The Gauntlet map features three different terrains(Sprawling Jungle, Arctic Zone and Rainy Cityscape) in one action-packed location. Starting with Jungle lane, as you enter this area with small trees you might encounter a few opponents here as this is the close-quarter area where they might reach. So it is better to keep moving and try not to stay here for long. Keep getting your kills and also, keep a track on the movement of the center of the Map.

Hint: You can find a Sniper on the Room to the left of the entrance.

The Second area we are going to talk about is the Arctic Zone which is also the biggest area in the map. There are easy entryways which will take you to the center, but on your way, there are chances to get few enemies so be ready. Avoid standing at the center as few Snipers are ready to take their move and pick you with ease. There are places like the small glacier which will provide you cover. Use the bridges via windows(bottom).

The Third Area is the Rainy Cityscape. There are two areas where you can easily spread and those are inner area and the outer area. The Inner area is good to catch few enemies off-guard, but it can be vice versa as well so be prepared. The most of the action you will see will be at the center area, the outer area is good to pass from one end to another. These are also a good spot for the Snipers so best of luck.


The Splash is nothing but a abandoned water theme park which includes all the features from a lazy river to the water slides. There are maximum chances of an open flow combat and it’s time to take the game underwater. We recommend to head directly to the Top lane and enter one of the rooms to get the direct view to the middle of the map. Here you can use your Snipers skills and take maximum skills. The West Side of the Area is where you find the bunch of enemies.

If you are travelling towards the center then try any side and get into the rooms for starting the big combat water area. Be good with the popping out as there are many players waiting for you to swim underneath. The area near water slides is also good to camp as there are enemies who pop out from there. But be aware of the folks who are always ready with grenades.

Just near the Pink water slides you can have a CQC or there will be more than two enemies waiting adjacent of the map. There are smaller rooms near the lazy river area which can be used as the cover also there are a lot of entry and exit so choose it wisely. Go Ahead and get some kills.


The Area is set on the snowy outskirts of Zurich, The map includes multiple engagement areas with each having the different play style. You have chosen to run through the internal or external area and get towards the Buildings and center of the map. Try going towards the lower corner whenever you get time and grab those frags. The Objects like the trucks and the containers can be used as cover and instant kills. The best place to take down enemies is the at the second floor of the building or the ground level will also do.

Note: Do not camp in the funnels

In the Middle Area, you will find a good spot for sniping which is just near the window. In the Upper area which is too small, but may encounter most of the enemies here(near the pool). You can either swim in it and get towards the other area quickly. Here is the catch you must know when to pop out otherwise you might fall into enemies trap.


This Map is a remake of one of the most popular map from Black Ops 2 – Hijacked. This Map and new game mechanics will help you explore the environment in different style. As this is a remake of the earlier map you will find a good amount of similar tactics which you can use here as well. There is a hidden space at the end of the ship(near three hovercraft) which can be risky as you might die if you fall. Near the Catwalk, you will notice a gaping hole which will help you get inside the ship undetected.

The Cabin Room and the area near this is a good place to get some quick CQC while the Stairs area is preferable for the Snipper players. Be careful as of the enemies that may attack you with the grenades or jump in with the jets. So we suggest keeping hunting while moving. As we have kept mentioning that you need to avoid the center point of all the area as they keep your vulnerable. If you manage to use the same tactics as the Hijacked then you are good to go with the Map.

Der Eisendrache

The Newest Zombie Adventure is set in Medieval Austrian Castle during the World War II. This ancient site will feature unspeakable horror with the addition of the Element 115. Once you start the game you will find a floating blue item which is a Tram Fuse which is used to call up tram cars. These cars contain power-ups and you can carry one at a time.

As you know we need to first switch on the power in order to travel further in the passageways. You will find this switch in a large storeroom which is left from the debris barrier and top of the courtyard. The Enemies you will face will be similar to the Giant Map, but there will be some new treats waiting for you further. These includes large mechanical beasts which can be defused or taking down by the Pack-a-Punched weapons.

You might feel good to sticking with the team and staying safe, but as you progress and you will be totally by yourself it will be very dangerous to plan strategy and surviving the waves. One of campaign place from the start is the Wundersphere where you can easily hunt down zombies without dropping any sweat. Just outside the Wundersphere, you will have an open area which is also a good place to deal with maximum waves of zombies as this can be an ideal spot for the full team to get the maximum zombies kills.