World of Tanks Codes (September 2020)

New players can get useful bonuses

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World of Tanks is one of the most popular MMOs of all time and holds the record for the most players online at once. The game’s developer, Wargaming, has helped promote the game and keep players invested by dropping codes that can be used on the PC version of the game. These codes can give players free tanks, commanders, XP, credits, and unlock missions along with a ton of other benefits. Here is a list of the codes that are currently available for use. 

There are two types of codes, Bonus and Invite, which can be used in the game. Redeeming these codes is pretty straightforward but will differ slightly depending on which kind of code you are using. We have separated the codes into two different sections below. We will detail the redemption process for each type at the beginning of each section.

Invite Codes

Invite codes are used when you first create an account, and you can only use one per account creation, and because of this, you may need to do a little research to decide which code to use when creating a new account. Invite codes can come from a lot of different sources as promotional material. You can find them in ad-campaigns for the game or get them from popular YouTubers or Twitch streamers that were given a code to share with their followers.

To redeem an invite code, head over to the main World of Tanks website and click on “Create Account” in the menu or on the main page. Near the bottom of the sign-up page, choose the “Have an invite code?” option and enter the code you want. Once you’re done signing up, the perks from the code you entered will be added to your account. Here is a list of the invite codes currently available and what they give you. Please note that codes are case sensitive.


7 days of premium, 250 gold, Ram II, 25 Battle rental of M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII


7 days of premium, 1,000 gold, 200,000 credits, 2x 200% crew XP (1 hour), 2x 50% XP (1 hour), 2x 25% credits (1 hour).


T14, 3 days of premium, 1,000 gold, 4x 25% credits (1 hour), 2x 100% XP (1 hour)


Churchill III, 7 days of premium, 200,000 credits


Churchill III, 7 days of premium, 200,000 credits


Churchill III, M22 Locust, 850 gold


Churchill III, 1000 gold, 6x 50% XP (2 hours), 6x 25% credits (2 hours)


6× 300% XP (2 hours), 6× 200% crew XP (2 hours), 6× 100% XP (2 hours), 6× 50% credits (2 hours)


T-34S, Gun Rammer, 550 gold


7 days of premium, 1,000 gold, 20× 50% XP (1 hour), 20× 200% crew XP (1 hour)


Ram II, 3 days of premium, 800 gold, 2x 100% crew XP (1 hour), 2x 50% XP (1 hour), 2x 25% credits (1 hour)


Ram II, 3 days of premium, 850 gold, 2× 50% XP (1 hour), 2× 25% credits (1 hour)


T14, 1,000 gold, 6x 50% XP (2 hours), 6x 25% credits (2 hours)


Excelsior, 7 days of premium, 4x 50% credits (2 hours)


T-34S, 3 days of premium, 400 gold


Pz.Kpfw. T 25, 3 days of premium, 1,000 gold, 4× 25% credit boosters (1 hour)


T-127, Pz.Kpfw. T 15, T2 Light Tank, 3 days of premium, 100 gold


7 days of premium, 1,000 gold, 20× 50% XP (1 hour), 20× 200% crew XP (1 hour)


7 days of premium, 3× 200% XP (2 hours), 3× 50% XP (2 hours), 3× 50% XP (1 hour), 3× 50% credit (1 hour)


Excelsior, 14 days of premium Time, 250,000 Credits, 10 battle rental of Tiger 131, Lansen C and IS-6


Ram II, 14 days of premium Time. 500,000 Credits


Excelsior, 14 days of premium, 250,000 credits, 10 battle rental of Tiger 131, Lansen C and IS-6

Bonus Codes

Bonus codes can be used by anyone with a WoT account. These codes can only be used once per person. You can find codes like these from buying promotional merch, being involved in special events, or from promotional links released by Wargaming.

To activate a bonus code, log into the World of Tanks website and click on your name to get a drop-down menu. Click on “Activate Wargaming Code” near the bottom. You will get a dialogue box with a big orange “REDEEM” button next to it. Type in the code exactly as it appears and hit the button. You should see the rewards when you log back into the game. Here are the codes currently available:

  • UNIAUGLT20 – Light Tanks
  • UNIAUGMT20 – Medium Tanks
  • UNIAUGHT20 – Heavy Tanks
  • UNIAUGTD20 – Tank Destroyers
  • IAMM41902020 – LEKPZ M 41 90 MM 5 battle rental
  • IAMTS52020 – TS-5 5 battle rental
  • IAMSTRVS12020 – STRV. S1 5 battle rental
  • IAMLOWE2020 – LÖWE 5 battle rental
  • IAMM4492020 – AMX M4 MLE. 49 5 battle rental
  • IAMT92LT2020 – T92 LT 5 battle rental
  • IAMLT4322020 – LT-432 5 battle rental
  • IAMMAUERBRECHER2020 – MAUERBRECHER 5 battle rental
  • IAMSOMUA2020 – SOMUA SM 5 battle rental
  • IAMKJP1052020 – KANONENJAGDPANZER 105 5 battle rental
  • IAMELCEVEN2020 – ELC EVEN 90 5 battle rental
  • IAMSKORPION2020 – RHM SKORPION G 5 battle rental
  • IAMPROGETTO2020 – PROGETTO M35 MOD 46 5 battle rental
  • IAM50TP2020 – 50TP PR 5 battle rental
  • IAMTURTLE2020 – TURTLE MK. I 5 battle rental
  • IAMT26E52020 – T26E5 5 battle rental

Twitch Care Package

Aside from invitation codes and bonus items, Wargaming also offers care packages to Twitch Prime users. Care Packages can be claimed through the WoT official Prime Gaming page. The care packages change each month and give players access to a large variety of items. Some care packages act similarly to loot boxes, players are not guaranteed all of the items in the package, just a selection that they can draw from.

September’s care package includes:

  • one Universal Training Manual
  • A set of Battle Missions
  • 10 missions for x5 XP on victory
  • An exclusive medal
  • Party Popper 2D Style
  • three days of premium
  • Rental tanks
  • Blueprints
  • XP missions

Aside from the care packages, Wargaming also releases other unique loot for Twitch Prime users. Players can currently claim a Captured King Tiger Tank from the WoT page.