Mission 6: Collateral Damage Walkthrough – Call of Duty WWII

In Mission 5: Liberation of Call of Duty WWII, Daniels and his troops were able to liberate Paris from the rule of Nazis. In this Sixth Mission Collateral Damage, the troops are not heading towards Germany for securing a Hotel, but they caught in saving up some hiding Civilians that lead to a tragic end, which creates a rift between Turner and Pierson.

Collateral Damage Walkthrough - Call of Duty: WWII

Collateral Damage Walkthrough (Aachen, Germany)

Reach the Theater


Run towards the field phone, there is no use of fighting at this point, you have to reach the phone. Next, you will be controlling a tank. Once you are ink, follow other tanks. Turn right, and use the tank to kill enemies ahead. Shoot the top floors of the building, and others at the extreme end. Once you reach the square you have to clear this area. You will see the marker on the screen that will lead you the attack point. You will also have to fight with enemy’s tank that will block your path. In order destroy the tank, try going behind it and destroy it. There will be a second and third one, your tank will have a limited health, so the best position to destroy them is from the backside, you can run the tank in a circular way, and this will help you to take cover behind the broken buildings. Once you reach the next objective marker kill the soldiers, and you will reach the theater. Clear the area. There will be two tanks you have to destroy. Also, watch out for enemies on the buildings targeting the tank with a bazooka.

Reach the Hotel


Go towards the hotel. Then follow your team, as you turn right into a building there will be few enemies behind the broken wall. You will have to break the wall using Panzerschreck, there will be enemy troops behind it. to easily spot hiding enemy in the area, throw a grenade. Go the next marker, and break the second wall using Panzerschreck. Do not go the open area, stay behind the floor. The fastest way is using Panzerschreck to blow down the enemies in the building. Glide through the door and help Roger. As you cross the wall there will be a soldier behind the wooden platform. And one on the top, kill both them and advance. Clear the path for the troops, and follow them. Go behind the truck and push it, and then your next objective is to secure the Hotel.

Secure The Hotel


Blow up the wall on the edge of the hotel and enter. On the right lobby take down the soldiers and go slowly. Look towards the stairs. use a smoke bomb and slowly move ahead taking covers behind the pillars. Stay in cover, unless you spot an enemy, you will find a bunch of them in the lobby ahead. Once the area is clear, follow Turner. He will lead you to the basement, and you will find some civilians.

Retrieve the Truck

Go outside, there won’t be any enemy in your path, go towards the truck and stay there for a while. As the truck starts there will be German troops coming up from the other side. Use the launcher to take down the APC that will be the best chance to slow down the troops. Kill all the vehicles around, one by one. you can hide inside the fallen plane, for reaching near. Then get into the truck.

Find Anna


Go the basement back and locate Anna, as you open the basement door you will spot a soldier, there will be a fist fight here. One more will appear after some time, after falling into the Basement, find Anna. Check door by door and call out her name, you will find here in one of the doors. Walk quietly and stay in cover as you spot soldiers ahead. As it passes, walk behind him. You have to wait for letting the soldiers walk away in search of you, try staying behind the cabinets. As you reach near the door do not rush. When you are in the basement hallway, you will hear some soldiers, right on the left door. They will talk and pass away, go upstairs and try reaching your troops from the left end side. slowly cross the lobby, and go towards the marker, cross the fountain and you will reach the truck.

Defend Your Position


Once you take Anna towards the truck, you will have to defend this position after getting attacked by the troops. Take a position and keep shooting to guard the truck. Once getting a driver for the truck, be ready to kill a few more enemies.

There will be a cutscene that will show the death of a civilian, Pierson will tell the troops to secure the hotel. This ends the Mission Collateral Damage, you can read our walkthrough on the next Mission Death Factory. You can also read our Call of Duty: WWII Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.