Complete list of Kinect voice commands for Control, Communication, Multimedia, TV and Gaming for Xbox One


A lazily luxurious feature of Kinect is the feature of using voice commands. You don’t need to perform any magicians tricks in front of your Xbox One to get things done. Tell your console what to do and its will be done just like that!

The following locales and languages support Speech recognition:

  • United States : English
  • United Kingdom: English
  • France: French
  • Germany: German
  • Canada: English/French
  • Australia: English
  • Brazil: Portuguese
  • Mexico: Spanish
  • Italy: Italian
  • Spain: Spanish

Kinect  Xbox One

Be sure that Kinect sensor is plugged into your Xbox One, also the sensor must be enabled in Settings menu.

  • To enable your sensor, press the Menu button of the controller and choose Settings > Kinect > Kinect on
  • You should also select “Wake up Xbox by saying ‘Xbox on'” from Power & startup.


Xbox On feature is currently available in the following languages:

  • English: “Xbox On”
  • French: “Xbox Démarrez”
  • German: “Xbox Einschalten”

List of commands for Turn off, Turn on and Navigation:

  • To turn on Xbox One (It will work in Instant-On power mode only)
    • “Xbox On”
    • “Xbox Démarrez” (French)
    • “Xbox Einschalten” (German)
  • To turn off Xbox One: “Xbox, turn off”
  • To go back to the Home screen “Xbox, go home” or “Show my stuff”
  • Opening apps: “Xbox, go to <application name>”
  • Going to the previous screen: “Xbox, go back”
  • Undo an action: “Xbox, cancel”
  • Snap the application: “Xbox, snap <application name>”
  • Unsnap the snapped application: “Xbox, unsnap”
  • Switching focus between snapped view and main view: “Xbox, switch”
  • Search using Bing: “Xbox, Bing <subject or topic>”
  • Show context menu: “Xbox, show menu”
  • Change view: “Xbox, change view”
  • On-screen help: “Xbox, help”

List of commands for Communication and its respective actions:

  • To view list contacts: “Xbox, Skype”
  • Skype contact details: “Xbox, Skype <person>”
  • Skype video call: “Xbox, call <person>”
  • Answering video call: “Xbox, answer”
  • Answering voice call: “Xbox, answer without video”
  • Ending a call: “Xbox, hang up”
  • Sending Xbox Live message to friend: “Xbox, send a message”

List of commands for Sign-in & Profiles and its respective actions:

  • To sign-in: “Xbox, sign in”
  • To sign-in to a particular account (using first name of the account): “Xbox, sign in as <person>”
  • To sign-out of the profile: “Xbox, sign out”
  • To scan QR code: “Xbox, use a code”

List of commands for Notifications and its respective actions:

  • View notification history: “Xbox, notifications”
  • Details of notifications: “Xbox, show notification”
  • Close the notification: “Xbox, close notification”

List of commands for Video & Music and its respective actions:

  • Playing video: “Xbox, play”
  • To pause a video: “Xbox, pause”
  • Rewind video: “Xbox, rewind”
  • Fast forward: “Xbox, fast forward”
  • Rewind or fast forward, faster: “Xbox, faster”
  • Rewind or fast forward, slower: “Xbox, slower”
  • Skip to previous chapter: “Xbox, skip backward”
  • Skip to next chapter: “Xbox, skip forward”
  • Stop playback: “Xbox, stop”
  • Playing music: “Xbox, play music”
  • To pause the playing music: “Xbox, pause music”
  • To play the next track: “Xbox, next song”
  • To play the previous track: “Xbox, previous song”

List of commands for TV and its respective actions:

  • To watch live TV: “Xbox, watch TV”
  • To view OneGuide: “Xbox, show guide”
  • To view a particular channel: “Xbox, watch <channel name>”
  • To mute Tv volume: “Xbox, mute”
  • Unmute Tv volume: “Xbox, unmute”
  • Increase Tv volume: “Xbox, volume up”
  • Decrease Tv volume: “Xbox, volume down”

List of commands for Gaming and its respective actions:

  • Inviting a friend: “Xbox, invite <name>”
  • Record: “Xbox, record that”