Conan Exiles: Admin Commands to make player fly, teleport and turn on God Mode


Once you are done with your server setup, you can use the following admin commands to manage it. The commands are easy and there are few of them. To access the admin command panel press Ctrl+Shift+C, in a similar way you can also use the insert or Tilde (~) key to launch the console in the game and use the commands. You can modify various settings through this. Below is the list of only admin commands.

Conan Exiles Admin Commands

Admin Commands: Hit Ctrl+Shift+C or Insert or Tilde (~) key to access console

  1. SummonPlayer [Playername] – The command will help you to call a player to your location. Ideal when you are stuck somewhere or need help in a fight.
  2. Fly – This one is pretty weird, it will just allow the players to fly around the world. Quiet a useful one when you hate to walk.
  3. God – Now this is the God mode if you are fed up dying in the game hit the command to get invincible.
  4. ToggleDebugHUD – This one is very helpful if you are in a multiplayer match. When you hit the command on the top right it will display the server performance with the list of players. It will also show your location with co-ordinates in the bottom left of the screen.
  5. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L – The command is useful to teleport players you are stranded in some place or you can also use it to record your location so that you can report to the game developer in case of any bug.

So these are some admin commands that can help you to play the game in a better way. There will be more coming up you can refer the Conan Exile Wiki guide in our guide section.