Conan Exiles Beginners Walkthrough: Weapon Crafting, Build Shelter, Clans and PC Controls


Conan Exile is an open-world survival game. The game takes you to a tough land where you are one among the exile you will need to survive in the wasteland. The crux of the game is fighting various enemies, creatures, survive, build and dominate. For example, you can grow crops for food, or you can hunt animals, you can also craft weapons and tools, build shelter and explore a huge land approaching settlements by other players. After growing stronger you can fight with your enemies to dominate. This is a beginner guide that will explain you important components of the game.

Conan Exile

The game starts with Gender Select between a Male and Female character and then the next option is Race, Religion, Voice, Head Options, Face Details and Body Features. The game has a Solo and Multiplayer mode. In Solo, you survive alone in the wasteland, explore the area, gather items, etc. In Multiplayer mode, you can group with your friends to build a clan, and as you grow stronger you can raid others and dominate.

Make Shelter:

When you enter the wastelands for the first time you can simply walk through the trees to find some food for the first day. You can go near the water as well, but avoid moving in the night. In the beginning, you will learn to build a shelter. Learn this properly, you can break stones to gather material for constructing walls. You can gather coal, iron, bark and brick to use them in the shelter.

Weaker Enemies on start:

There are weaker enemies at the start, for example, the imps a dwarf monster pretty easy to kill with an axe, a crocodile that will spawn randomly when you go near water which will follow you and finally a few spiders.

Unlocking Items and Crafting:

To get new unlocks you need to level up, and there are certain things you can for the same. The more you level up the character gets stronger. With that, you get new recipes. For example building up a shelter or creating a re-spawn point. XP is awarded when you are moving around and exploring the area, EXP is rewarded on killing enemies. The same is awarded on crafting items. You will need to spend some time with it to ace it.


You can tie up with your friends and clear your own clans in the game. You can invite someone to be part of your clan.

Conan Exile PC Keyboard Controls Guide:

Key mapping can be done through the menu by default all settings are easy to manage. Below is the list of basic key control that will remain static through the game.

  • Menu – Escape key
  • Map – M
  • Game GUI – Alt + Z
  • Movements – WSAD + Backspace. Keys to move forward, backward, left and right.
  • Sprint, Jump, Crouch – Left Shift, Space Bar, and Left Control
  • Right Mouse Click and Left Mouse Click – Use the click to use an item on the right or left hand.
  • Use or Interact – E. For example drink water from the river.
  • Combat Posture – C
  • Shift Camera from Third Person to 1st Person – P
  • Toggle Vanity Camera – V
  • Access Inventory, Crafting or Recipes – I
  • Chat Window – Ctrl + T
  • Chat with players on Server – Enter
  • Chat with nearby players – Num “*” (without quotes)
  • Chat with Guild Members – Num “–“(without quotes)
  • Emotes Menu – R

Conan Exile Wasteland Survival Guide:

Food and Water:

Food and water are not necessary parts of the game or else you can die with hunger. You can drink water from the river by press E when you are thirsty. At the top left of the screen, you have meters that indicate the amount of water or food left in your body along with essential things like XP, Life, etc. If you die you will lose your weapons and tools. You can even lose your entire inventory in between. There are many places in the land which is filled with corrupt magic, you can find them in caves or in ruins, cities, etc. These powers are capable of corrupting you. The presence of demons also spread corruption. It will consume your health. Thralls can help you to get rid of them. A good thing about searching in the cave is to get some ancient treasures.

Conan Exile

It is necessary to keep on exploring, don’t just keep running in a straight line there are tons of items in your path. You will need to grab them use them as supplies, for example, picking Plant Fiber, Stone, Branches, etc to start with crafting and Recipes. Near the river, you can find some eggs also. You can collect Fat Grub, Insects, and Feral flesh also.

Collect Resources:

This is a significant aspect of the game. Without which it won’t be possible for you to move ahead. At the start, there are few things to gather in-order to do more with them in the Crafting and Recipe section. The easiest thing to find at the start is Plant Fiber from plants around. Ideal for clothing it can also be used in light armor. Along with this, you can gather branches to create basic weapons, tools and stones for building shelter.

Conan Exile

These materials can later be used in Recipes and Crafting. A right combination of these items will offer you to create items that can be later used in the survival. As you keep leveling up you can gather more and more items in your inventory.

Weapon Crafting:

Moving ahead with weapon crafting you can use them for hunting or in battle. For example, you can use a bow arrow to hunt animals or a spear to right with enemies. Items combined can be used to upgrade your armor also. So that you do not lose your health instantly in a fight. It is important to repair your weapons and armor after a battle. You will need Mercenary recipe to craft your first weapon. This will give you a Stone Sward with a Wood Shield. As you level up you will get more weapons like bow and arrow in Archer option.

Conan Exile


Conan Exile also features a Religion section, you can select to choose one and that offers basic knowledge and advantages. There are four religions Crom, Set, Yog, and Mitra. Excluding Crom, other three have a special advantage when you offer sacrifice. For example, if you follow Set the god of Serpent and Sacrifice you can offer your enemies heart to get a favor. In the same way, you can offer human flesh to get weapons and armors from Yog God of Cannibals. Finally, you can get the ability to create cloth and weapon if you follow Mitra, God of right and justice.

Conan Exile

Clans, Building, and Expansion:

The game also introduces a clan feature where you can group with your friends and expand. By using different building material you can build shelters and use them against creatures, weathers, etc. There are three types of buildings you can create, the first one is Tier 1 Sandstone Building made from Stone, Wood, and Fiber, and it cannot hold iron attack. Second is Tier 2 Bricks building that is made using Logs, Bricks, and Mortar, can be destroyed by Steel weapons. And finally, a Tier 3 Steel building which is the strongest one.

Conan Exile

This would be enough for you to figure out how to move ahead in the game. We will keep on adding fresh updates in the guide.