Conan Exiles: Corruption Condition And How To Cure It


In the Conan Exiles, Corruption is the status effect which permanently reduces your maximum Health when exposed. When you enter deep caves or ancient ruins and when you fight the strong magical enemies you will be effected by the Corruption Magic. The following guide shows what is Corruption and How to Cure this condition in the game.

Conan Exiles

Corruption Condition and Cure:

The Corruption reduces your maximum health, the more you are exposed the worst it becomes. When you are exposed to it, you will get the Corruption warning on the upper left of the user-interface which shows drop in your Stamina with Purple color dominating the bar.

The Corruption is spread in particular areas on the map like deep caves, ruins etc. Even so it is dangerous to enter such dark places, they often offer valuable treasures or mystical Lore. But in the lower levels you won’t be experiencing them much.

To Cure the Corruption you need to spend time in the presence of entertainer Thralls to remove it. Once the corruption gets removed, you will regain maximum health back. You need to unlock specific crafting items to capture and break a Thrall like an entertainment Thrall called dancer, who can cure the effect of Corruption over time. The crafting items to cure Corruption unlocks at level 10 at the least so you need to be careful not to run into such Corruption in lower levels.