Conan Exiles: Exposed Server Settings Guide


Exposed Server Settings in Conan Exiles is accessible via Main Menu > Server Settings. There are few things in the General section of settings. Like changing Server password or modifying admin rights through Admin password section. One important thing you need to turn on is Battle eye to block cheats on the server. Also if you are planning to play against another player then use PvP enabled. If it is off you will play the game against AI. Settings underlined are not available in Early Access.

Conan Exiles Exposed Server Settings

Conan Exiles Exposed Server General Settings:

  1. Server Password – Modify Server Password
  2. Admin Password – Modify Admin Right
  3. Battleye Enabled – This turns on cheat protection no server, highly recommended.
  4. PvP Enabled – This turn off Player vs. Environment or Game AI.
  5. Community – Helps to find server with matching play style
  6. Server Region – Select Region to help players to find nearby servers.
  7. No Ownership – Allows to loot all chests, user all machines, dismantle all buildings, etc to all players.
  8. Can Damage Players Owned Structures – Allow players to attack and destroy other players structures.
  9. Enable Sandstorm – Storms that occurs occasionally in the game.
  10. Clan Max Size – Set a limit to the max size of clans on the server.
  11. Maximum Nudity – As the settings title suggests, allows and disallows the amount of nudity on the server.

Conan Exiles Exposed Server Progression Settings:

Player XP Rate Multiplier – Speed up Player Progression in all activities, affects all type of XP.

Player XP Time Multiplier – Increase speed of receiving XP for players.

Player XP Kill Multiplier – Multiplies XP received for killing monsters.

Player XP Harvest Multiplier – Multiplies XP received for harvesting.

Player XP Craft Multiplier – Multiplies XP received for crafting.

Conan Exiles Exposed Server Day/Night Cycle Settings:

  1. Day Cycle Speed – Multiplies 24hr day cycle speed.
  2. Day Time Speed – Multiplies time spent between 7.00 to 16.59 day hours in the game.
  3. Night Time Speed – Multiplies time spent between 19.00 to 4.59 night hours in the game.
  4. Dawn/Dusk Time Speed – Multiplies time spent between 5.00 to 6.59 Dawn and 17.00 to 18.59 Dusk hours in game

Conan Exiles Exposed Survival Settings:

  1. Player Health Multiplier – Multiplies player health.
  2. Player Health Regen Speed Scale – Multiplies players health regeneration speed.
  3. Player Stamina Multiplier – Multiplies player stamina.
  4. Stamina Cost Multiplier – Adjust players stamina use per action.
  5. Stamina Regen Speed Scale – Multiplies players stamina regeneration speed.
  6. Player Active Thirst Multiplier – Adjust speed water consumption.
  7. Player Active Hunger Multiplier – Adjust speed food consumption.
  8. Logged out character remain in world – Allow players body to stay in the game or make them disappear if they are offline.
  9. Drop Equipment on Death – Players loses their equipment when they die. Or let players respawn with all equipment.
  10. Everybody can loot corpse – Allow or disallow other players to loot items on a corpse. If disallowed only you can loot items.

Conan Exiles Exposed Combat Settings:

  1. Player Damage Multiplier – Multiplies player’s damage on others.
  2. Player Damage Taken Multiplier – Multiplies damage received.
  3. Minion Damage Multiplier – Multiplies damage done by thralls and pets.
  4. Minion Damage Taken Multiplier – Multiplies damage done on thralls and pets.
  5. NPC Damage Multiplier – Multiplies NPC’s and Monsters damage on others.
  6. NPC Damage Taken Multiplier – Multiplies damage received by NPC’s and Monsters
  7. NPC Health Multiplier – Multiplies NPC’s health
  8. NPC Respawn Multiplier – Multiplies NPC Respawn speed after dying.
  9. Durability Damage Multiplier – Adjust the amount of damage received by items like weapons, tools, and armors.
  10. Shield Durability Multiplier – Adjust the amount of damage received by the shield.
  11. Thrall Wakeup Time – Adjust Thralls time to remain sleep.
  12. Avatar Lifetime – Time of Avatar’s life
  13. Disable Avatars – Stop Avatars summon.

Conan Exiles Exposed Harvesting Settings:

  1. Item Spoil Rate Scale – Adjust time for food life.
  2. Harvest Amount Multiplier – Multiple Resources amount collected at harvest.
  3. Resource Respawn Multiplier – Multiple speed for resources respawn after harvest.
  4. Land Claim Radius Multiplier – Adjust radius of claimed land.

Conan Exiles Exposed Crafting Settings:

  1. Crafting Cost Multiplier – Modify items needed for a crafting recipe.
  2. Crafting Speed Multiplier – Adjust the speed of crafting items.
  3. Structure Damage Multiplier – Multiplies Structure Damage rate.
  4. Structure Damage Taken Multiplier – Multiplies Structure Damage received.
  5. Structure Damage Multiplier – Adjust Structure Health rate
  6. Player Encumbrance Multiplier – Multiplies the amount of encumbrance of an item for the player.
  7. Player Encumbrance Penalty Multiplier – Multiplies penalties of encumbrance.

Conan Exiles Exposed Chat Settings:

  1. Chats Local Radius – Adjust how local chat will be broadcasted.
  2. Max Message Length – Adjust character length of a chat message.

Conan Exiles Exposed Region Access Control Settings:

  1. Chat Local Radius – Adjust how local chat will be broadcasted.
  2. Max Message Length – Adjust character length of a chat message.

So these are the list of all Exposed server settings are available in the main game menu. There will be more coming up you can refer the Conan Exile Wiki guide in our guide section.