Conan Exiles PC Error: Fix For Keybinds Not Saving, Black Screen, No Servers In Browser, and more


Conan Exiles early access is now available on Steam. The game is an open-world survival game in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian. Funcom, the developer behind the game made every possible arrangement in order to have a smooth launch of Conan Exiles. Sadly, many things didn’t go as per the plan and players are reporting freeze, crash, FPS performance drop, and many other issues.

Conan Exiles PC Error Guide

In this Conan Exiles PC Error guide, we list fixes for some of the most common issues faced by players such as Keybinds not saving, no servers in the browser, black screen on start-up, and many other things. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Conan Exiles PC Error Fixes:

1: Keybinds not saving

This solution involves editing a vital game file, so please be extremely careful to not change anything other than exactly what’s needed.

  • Step 1: Go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ConanExiles\ConanSandbox\Config\”
  • Step 2: Open the “DefaultInput.ini” file with Notepad
  • Step 3: Find the lines that have “PreviousMessage” and “NextMessage”.
  • Step 4: Where it says “Key= “, change the assigned key to whatever other key you would prefer to use.

Again, to be very clear: this is a temporary fix and can be game breaking if you add or delete any characters in any of the lines in the file.

2: No Servers in browser

If you are experiencing an issue where you cannot see servers listed in the browser, please make sure that the “Combat” and “Community” lists are set to “All”. The filter should be set to the “Internet”.

If the in-game server browser continues to be blank, then you may still use the Steam server list tool (View -> Servers).

3: Black Screen on start-up

If your client is hanging on the loading screen and is not progressing beyond a black screen, please either wait a little longer, or you may end the task by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and manually ending the Conan Exiles task. You may then restart the game after that.

This issue may be caused by hardware that is close to the minimum specifications.


If you are experiencing issues with a C++ error, this is generally caused by an out-of-date windows installation. In order to resolve the issue, please do the following:

  • Step 1: Run Windows Update. Make sure all the required updates are installed.
  • Step 2: Reboot your PC
  • Step 3: Install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from here:
  • Step 4: Install Conan Exiles

5: “Optional Parameters” Error

If you receive an error about the game attempting to launch with optional parameters that don’t exist, please restart Steam and try again. If the issue persists after restarting, please close Steam and launch the app as an Administrator. If that doesn’t work, please let us know.

6: Server Kicked Out Issue

Reddit user DMstratz discovered an interesting fix for getting kicked out of Conan Exiles server by Battleye. Follow the steps provided below to fix the issue. Just make sure that Conan Exiles is closed before you do the steps mention below.

  • Step 1: Go To Your Steam Page
  • Step 2: Click View at the Top of the Page
  • Step 3: Select Servers
  • Step 4: Select Conan Exiles as the Game
  • Step 5: Sort by Alphabet etc and find your Server (i.e Official “O”)
  • Step 6: Click Join, Refresh until it find the player list and set Auto-Join if full
  • Step 7: Let Conan Exiles load up to the menu on its own. It Will Join after about 10 Seconds.

7: My server says my password is invalid

Try resetting the password setting in your server files. Server password is set in ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\Engine.ini

Find the following lines:


Insert desired password after “ServerPassword=”

Do let us know in the comment section below if you guys are experiencing any other issue related to Conan Exiles. Check out our Conan Exiles Beginner guide detailing tips and tricks, how to craft weapons, PC controls, and many other things.