Conan Exiles: Script to fix NPC Camps De-spawning


Simple scrip shared by a reddit user BrutalGT can help you to fix issue with NPC Camps De-spawning on server. This is a common issue when many players build up stuff around the places causing NPC camps to despawn thus reducing a lot of items. With the help of script you can simply locate the Placeables of region and then teleport using the co-ordinates to destroy them.

Conan Exiles Script

The user has mentioned the process to use the script. You will need a web-server as this is a php script. You can use Xampp or Wamp any portable server solution to execute the script. Next you will need the latest version of game.db and copy it in the direct where the below script is kept. Just modify the top three settings and run to get a printout of nearby player items.



$modifier = 10000.0; // Distance to Search from Origin Coordinates

$origin_x = 88000.0; // X Coordinate to search from

$origin_y = 88000.0; // Y Coordinate to search from

class MyDB extends SQLite3


function __construct()





$db = new MyDB();



echo $db->lastErrorMsg();




echo “<p>Successfully read the database…</p>”;

$sql = “SELECT * FROM actor_position”;

$ret = $db->query($sql);

while($row = $ret->fetchArray(SQLITE3_ASSOC) )


$class = $row[‘class’];

$id = $row[‘id’];

$x = $row[‘x’];

$y = $row[‘y’];

$z = $row[‘z’];

// Ignore entries that aren’t Placeables

if (strpos($class, ‘Placeables’) !== false)

if (($x <= ($origin_x + $modifier) && ($x >= ($origin_x – $modifier))))

if (($y <= ($origin_y + $modifier) && ($y >= ($origin_y – $modifier))))

echo $class . ‘ :: X: ‘ . $x . ‘ Y: ‘ . $y . ‘ Z: ‘ . $z . ‘</br>’;