Conan Exiles Tips and Tricks for PvE Gameplay


Conan Exiles is a vast open world game. Many had begun playing, but you will waste a lot of time if you are not really sure what is going around. This guide has some instant tips that will help you play better. There are many unexplored objects in the game. We had a bunch of guides with various things to discover. You can check them all through our guide section. So let’s begin with some really useful tips and tricks of Conan Exile. We had used different sources and game test to compile the guide, get the sources at the end of this article for reference.

Conan Exiles PvE Tips

Auto Walk: If you are bored pressing the control keys for moving the character you can turn on Auto walk. A simple feature where the character keeps on moving all you need is to control its direction. Press the Num Lock key to enable Auto Walk. If you want to slow down the character speed hit the Backspace button.

Gather Bugs: If you are busy in collecting too much food like meat remember, it will spoil really fast. You need to get more bugs and plant fiber. It stays for longer time. Still you can try keeping the foods in shrine to preserve them for longer time. You can use Plant Fibers + Seeds to make Gruel for food and use wood as Coal’s alternative. At the start you will need around 50 branches for campfire.

Respawn Location: Choose the best possible points for respawn locations. If you setup your location near to a NPC campy they will despawn. Their Camps can offer you good value loots.

XP Gains: There are different animals that offer XP. NPC 900, Rhinos/Elephants/Skeletons 1000 to 1200, Deer 2000 and Ostrich 2200. Keep gathering branches they will be helpful when you are farming Elephants and Rhinos. Farming them is possible after you create Foundation + 2 stairs and take 0 damage. For others you can farm using Foundation + 1 stair. Deer can be easily farmed if you use a weapons with high damage with torch.

Chests under Rocks: There are chests hidden in big rocks, they respawn at a time interval of every 30 minutes. You can wander around and grab them.

Tools Combinations: Always keep testing varieties of tools combination when it comes to harvesting. It will help you to harvest the same items in different way. For example if you use Pickaxe on Spiders you can harvest Gossamer for silk.

Getting into Religion: If at the beginning you had not chosen any religion, find a priest and interact with it to enter theirs. You can check in the North East of the city in the Oasis to find NPC Priest of Mitra

Iron: Travel towards North, North East and North West to get Iron. You can also find Coals in the same area. Waterskin is very important in this area or you can die with thirst.

These are some useful tips you can follow, and we will update more in case you might find something helpful. Source