Conan Exiles: Unexposed Server Settings Guide for Multiplayer


Conan Exiles has some Unexposed server settings. These are those which are not visible in the game menu but can be used via command line. Well to access the console you can use Ctrl + Shift + C or the Tilde ~ key. We are listing them below. The reference is from the official manual of Conan Exiles. We had tried adding a description on few of them which we are able to confirm for what the command is used for.

Conan Exiles: Unexposed Settings

  1. AvatarSummonTime – Adjust the time required for an Avatar to appear in the game. For example, the command will be “AvatarSummonTime=20.000000” without quotes that set appear time to be approx 20seconds.
  2. bCanBeDamaged – Whether a player can receive damage. Example = “bCanBeDamaged=True”
  3. BlueprintConfigVersion
  4. BuildingRadialDestructionForceMultiplier – This seems to be setting that allows other players to adjust the power of other players need to attack on claimed land of others.
  5. ClipVelocityOnNavmeshBoundary
  6. ConciousnessDamageMultiplier
  7. ConfigVersion
  8. CrossDesertOnce – Settings for covering up the larger distance.
  9. DogsOfTheDesertSpawnWithDogs – Spawn with Dogs
  10. EnforceRotationRateInCombat_2
  11. EnforceRotationRateWhenRoaming_2
  12. LocalNavMeshVisualizationFrequency
  13. LQAVPFadeTime
  14. LQAVPMethod
  15. LQAVPUseTime

Most of the settings above are hidden, in order to see all of them you can type GetAllServerSettings in the console. Whatever changes you do, remember to backup first file that is stored in the following location – \ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\ServerSettings.ini. There will be more coming up you can refer the Conan Exile Wiki guide in our guide section.