Confronting the Bomb-Maker – Deus Ex Mankind Divided Walkthrough

After successfully getting rid of the Drones from the sewers in Mission 10, we get another call from Nomad Stanek who asks us to travel to Prekazka and save his daughter. Once you get down to the railway station, Alex will call you and ask you to get to the bank immediately and loot the required Data, so here you need to choose what will be your first Priority – Loot the Bank or Save Allison. If you choose to Save Allison, here is the Walkthrough how you going to guard her against her friends.

Confronting the Bomb-Maker

Confronting the Bomb-Maker Walkthrough

Meet Nomad Stanek

Now that you’ve made your decision travel to Capek Fountain Station. Once you get out hurry and run towards the marker where Nomad is waiting for you. he will guide you with the security and Allison Location on the Upper Floor, but it’s up to you how you’re going to deal with them. We recommend not to fool around and go Non-Lethal approach keeping in mind Allison is on the Line.

Locate Allison

Get inside and take the right to meet the First Cultist who is guarding the Entrance. As the Area is restricted we need to find another route to get in, so head straight to the dumping area. Soon Vega will contact you and alert you about the consequence of no taking Janus’s commands seriously. If you still want to Go to the Bank you are free to and check the walkthrough The Heist to get it done with ease.

This Dumping area is full of crafting parts so make sure you grab all of them from the Cabinets. On your right is the Dumpster which can help you climb up, but you need another drum to help you jump and grab the higher level. Once you get up, take down the Cultist and make you way in which will blow up the wall mines and everyone will be alerted.

Now Take everyone down one by one and try to take the Washroom vent to sneak all the way to another side of the floor. Soon Alex will inform that you lost the best chance to loot the Bank as Versalife had cleared them out already. This will close the Mission 12 and the path will be different from now on. Take down the two Cultist and use your smart vision to locate another Vent straight up ahead.

Make your way to the Main Gate either by taking down the guards or sneaking all the way up. As there are multiple ways to get up you will end up with the Gate with the Keypad and once you crack it a cutscene will start. Interrogate her about the Bombs she planted and other information. Make her believe you selecting the following choices:

  • Counsel
  • Focus
  • Focus
  • Counsel

Once she starts to believe in you, she’ll give you the Bomb Jammer to stop Viktor from bombing another site. At the end of the mission, you can talk to Nomad to see his reaction, thus completing the walkthrough and you can continue to Next Mission – GARM Facility or check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki Guide to know more about the game collectible locations, tips, tricks, keycodes, Passwords and much more.