Connect Netflix to PS3 with Verizon

It is possible for all PS3 owners to streams streams full length movies and television shows directly to the console by making use of Netflix (an online video streaming service). Netflix for PS3 supports HD video at 1080i, subtitles and multiple languages.

Netflix for PS3

However many PS3 owners are unaware of how to connect Netflix to their console. In the below step by step guide we have explained the same.


  • Playstation Network account
  • Netflix account

Step 1:

On PS3 Main Menu scroll “Video” tab

Step 2:

Select “Netflix” option, a message will appear that will prompt you to install Netflix application. Select “Yes” to confirm the installation of application.

Step 3:

Provide the necessary details like Netflix email address and password and select option “Sign In”. If you forget to “Sign In” to PSN, a message will appear which will prompt you to do so.