Tips To Earn Credits And Battle Points Quickly In Star Wars Battlefront II


Star Wars Battlefront II has a Credit and Battle point system. You can begin the game in campaign playing as Iden Versio and earn points in missions. These points when are enough will help you to unlock more characters that you can use in online gameplay. The game had a massive requirement before, but now it is reduced. In this Star Wars Battlefront II – How to Quickly Earn Credits guide, you can find the best tips and methods to earn them fast.

Battlefront Credit Battle Points

Battlefront II How To Quickly Earn Credits

Characters you can unlock and required Credits:

  • Emperor Palpatine – 40,000
  • Chewbacca – 40,000
  • Leia Organa – 40,000
  • Iden Versio – 20,000
  • Millennium Falcon – 20,000
  • Luke Skywalker – 15,000
  • Darth Vader – 15,000

In Star Wars Battlefront II main menu you will see a Collection Tab where you will be able to view all the Heroes and Villains. For each character that is not unlocked, you will see the required amount of Credits you have to pay to get it. Below you can find some quick tips that will help you to earn these credits fast.

Finish The Story Mode:

The game story mode is around 4 to 7 hours long divided into 13 different missions where you play as Commander Iden Versio. In between, you will also play other characters for a while. By completing the story you can earn around 5000 Credits. You can make extra in each mission.

Loot Crates:

There are loot crates in the game. These crates offer you weapons and abilities in the campaign. For Credits, you have to check the Daily Loot Crate whenever you enter the game. It can reward you minimum 1,000 Credits every day. So always check the crate before you begin playing.

Online Matches:

You will make a specific amount of Credits when you play online matches and complete objectives. So look for objectives and complete them to earn credits.

Milestone Challenges:

In the Career section of the game menu, you can find some challenges. These are for different game modes, you can play these challenges to get rewards which include Credits.

Battlefront II How To Make Battle points Fast

Battle points are required to unlock the vehicle, special characters, etc in the game. While playing there are ways you can increase your chances of getting more and more battle points.

Complete Objective:

There will be objectives in the missions, so this is an obvious choice that you can play them to gather some points. Instead of just killing enemies, try to focus on the objective, this increase your chances of getting higher points. This includes retrieving any item or targeting a specific enemy, supporting opponents, etc.

Kill Opponents:

In the online match, you will be facing AI enemies as well as other opponents, by targeting them you can earn Battle Points faster. AI enemies can reward you with a healthy amount of battle points, the one that you can see in Starfighter Assault or in Galactic. This will help you to earn battle points faster and unlock a special character in less time.

Spawn Wave Bonus:

This is a way by which you can double your battle point. When you spawn you will see a UI in yellow on the left. The spawn wave will increase from 1x to 2x as long as you survive in the fight. This simply doubles your battle point.

Squad Proximity Bonus:

Boost battle point earning when near to squad members. You have to just support your team, stay with the squad and stay alive for a long time. Along with this if you play the objective you can double up the battle points.

Killing AI in Galactic Assault:

The method which you will read ahead will work in Galactic Assault and in some maps. You can earn some 600 points, per kill by killing AI enemies. Take down the AI TIE fighters to gain more points and also take down one on the ground. The AI enemies will spawn after 5 to 6 seconds you can fly around for a while, and once again kill those AI planes to keep earning points.

So these are the tips by which you can earn Credits & Battle point faster in the game. You can also share your best methods in the comment section below. For more such guide you can also refer our Star Wars Battlefront II Wiki guide.