Crimsonland Complete PlayStation 4 Walkthrough with Episode 6

Crimsonland is a top-down shooter type of game in which the player’s only aim is to survive through the level. Players are provided with various kinds of weapons, Powerups and Perks to survive in the deadly battle against ferocious enemies.

Crimsonland which released on 15 July is the remastered version of the original Crimsonland game. It includes 30 weapons along with a huge Triple Ion Rifle, widescreen support (720p), Leaderboards, episode 6 which has 10 new levels and many new improved features.


Crimsonland Gameplay:

Crimsonland Complete PS4 Walkthrough with Episode 6:

Chapter 1 – Land Hostile

Chapter 2 – Red Trail of Mercy

Chapter 3 – Glorious Combat

Chapter 4 – Beyond Hope

Chapter 5 – Blood and Tears

Chapter 6 – Unfinished Business