The Crocodile’s Jaws Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Origins

In the previous Quest: Crocodile’s Scales, Bayek was not successful in getting the ledger that can give him info about his next target, in this chapter he is all set to find more clue for his next assassination. In the last part, the informant told him about Gladiators from the Arena in Krokodilopolis. Before heading to the arena where you will face tougher enemies, it is recommended to play the side quests and increase your Level to 28. You can still continue the quest if you are somewhere around Level 26, but there are Level 27, Level 28 Gladiators. So having a higher level will help you to kill them easily.

The Crocodile's Jaws Walkthrough - Assassin's Creed Origins

Main Quest The Crocodile’s Jaws Walkthrough: Reward 3500XP

Reach Krokodilopolis Arena


As you reach the Arena, talk to the man standing in the front of the main gate. This will be a short investigation, after that, you have to find a Siwan Gladiator and fight her. Talk to Kensa. Now before entering into the arena, it is recommended that you level up to at least 28, or higher. There are some side quests you can play or you will face tough fight ahead. Once you are done get to the arena and talk to the owner at the gate.


Once you enter, follow Felix, you will spot the fighters in it are Level 26 or higher ones, so if you plan to go if your character level is low you will die instantly. As you enter, Felix will give you details of the arena. There will be a short fight with Kensa who is a Level 28 fighters.

Speak to Felix to start the match


To continue the main quest you have to talk to Felix to start the right. This will trigger your first match get to the arena to fight. This is the first round of the game, there will be around 4 Level 27 guards. Best is to stay back and fight instead of charging into them. This will help you to kill them one by one. If your character Level is at least 26 then it won’t be easy to defeat them. There will be a second phase where more soldiers will enter the arena. There will be a third and final phase where more soldiers will enter the arena. After killing all of them Felix will offer you the second round. Talk to Kensa first and then Felix for the next round.


Enter the arena for the second round, this time you will be dealing with Level 27 soldiers and lions. There will be a Level 27 guard as well, his attacks are devastating but not fast. So you can use it against you in the final phase of fight you will have to fight with lions as well as the soldiers around. In the third round, you will be fighting alone, Kensa won’t be there, and you will face Level 27 enemies in it. It is necessary to avoid getting surrounded by all of them. Target any one of them and attack. Avoid staying too close to guard with a shield. Attacking them from behind gives you higher damage.


After winning the third round, in the fourth and final round, you will be fighting with Level 28 Gallic Brothers. Both have different fight strategy, the one with a big pickaxe is really fast and can attack you from behind. So first thing try to maintain a good distance. Dodge their attacks and then hit them with combo shots. Attacking them after dodging will give you some good amount of damage. try focusing on killing one at a time. Let Kensa keep engaged the other one. after you are able to kill one among this two then you can head to the second one. it will be easier then. As Kensa and you both will be attacking him. His rotating pickaxe attack can cause the pretty good amount of damage, so stay behind when he does that. But after an attack, he will pause for a while, and that’s your window to attack him. The next cutscene will reveal the identity of Crocodile – Berenike.

Talk to Hotephres

Hotephres is near the arena, talk to him he will share you The Crocodiles Locations, head to the location and your next objective is to assassinate her. You will have to go to Kerkesoucha Granary, use Senu to have a close look at the area and then you can move ahead with the objective to kill The Crocodile.

Find and Assassinate Berenike the Crocodile


The location is guarded by Level 28 guards, there are Level 29 and Level 30 captains in the area where she is resting, while there are many Level 27 guards all around the premises. There are two guards on the main entrance, use the Eagle to distract one and kill the second one. You can then enter into the villa, from the gate, walk from the left side. Take a close look for the for the area where you can find enough grasses and plants to hide from the enemies around. As you reach the main fortress where there are many guards, try killing the one who is at the gate. Use Animus pulse to get the exact location of enemy’s path.


In case you had killed someone and it is spotted stay covered. Killing Level 29 and Level 30 enemies is a tough challenge. Enemies will come investigating you, you can stealth kill them. You will have to safely make your way to the main fortress with minimum enemies around, there are two Level 30 captains guarding, one of them will leave. Then it’s your chance to slowly enter the area and kill the Crocodile. After assassinating the target, try escaping the place.


After the cutscene, you will be playing as Layla. Quietly walk outside, and take down the guards in stealth. You can spot them through the rocks in the area. Go behind each of them slowly and kill them one by one. After that, return back to the cave. Head t Animus and this completes the quest.

With the death of The Crocodile and a small chapter of Layla, this quest is over, you can read our walkthrough on next Quest Ambush At Sea, or you can also read our Assassins Creed Origins Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.