The Crocodile’s Scales – Assassin’s Creed Origins Walkthrough

In the previous Quest: Lizard’s Mask And Lizard’s Face, Bayek was able to find Lizard and kill it, next he heads to the next target. This time is hunting to find about The Crocodile, in this part, Bayek tries to find an informant who has a ledger, by having that Bayek get vital info on the Crocodile, but with a tragic incident, this chapter ends.

The Crocodile's Scales - Assassin's Creed Origins Walkthrough

Main Quest The Crocodile’s Scales Walkthrough: Reward 3000XP

Find and meet the informant

Once you begin this quest just ensure you have at least Level 25, you have to find and meet an informant. As you reach the point, you will have to investigate the house of Hotephres. Use Animus Pulse, and near the wooden log you will find the first sign for investigation. Another point is on the left side below the end of stairs. next point is on the table just as you go and on your left investigate the scrolls. For the final point climb up over the wooden tank. Once done, you will get a location of camp at Soknopaiou.

Find and Rescue Hotephres’ Server


Ride towards the camp, and use the Eagle Vision to locate the target. As you survey the camp you will see the target near the mountains on right. There are Level 24/25/26 guards in this place. Hotepres is captive in a prison. There are two ways, either you can kill the guards on the entrance that can possibly raise an alert, or you can go from the right end side by climbing over the mountains.


If you go above the mountains you will be least noticed and you can easily reach to rescue. Next, you have to kill a few soldiers who are near to the prison, there is a Level 27 captain in the area, if you are having low character level ten it will be really tough to kill them all. A stealth kill is the best option here even if you want to kill the captain and other strong guards in the area. Carry the servant, out of the camp, before going out you have to take down the remaining guards also. Place the informant outside the camp and talk to him. He will tell you about Hotephres.


Your next target is in the sea, so from the camp you can take a boat, as you reach near to the ship where you have to find Hotephres use Eagle vision to properly survey it, you will have to jump into the water to reach near, and for that you will have to kill the crocodiles and hippos in the river. When you climb the ship there will be a cutscene.

Meet Khenut

There are two men on the boat, you can talk to them for two new side quest, Fires of Dionysias and The Sickness or you can simply move ahead with the main target. This side quest will help you to raise your character level. For the main story you have to meet Khenut. Head to the next marker. After the cutscene follows Shadya for the next cutscene. Once Shadya shows you her house, you will have to visit the place to locate the Ledger.

Get the Ledger


The house is guarded, there are many soldiers in it, so use the Eagle vision to mark them one by one. after that, you can take down the ones who are on the roof. Slowly you can enter into the house from different locations and kill all the top ones first. This is a restricted area, so you have to be in cover if you are spotted it will raise an alarm. You can use the Eagle to distract a few and then stealth kills them slowly. Use Animus Pulse to track down the location where the guards are walking, so that you can avoid that path. once you are done killing all the guards, use Animus Pulse to locate the ledge, you will get a marker that will take you inside the house.


In a scroll below in the villa, Bayek founds a message that Shadya has the ledger, so you have to return back to her house. Next, you will have to ride to the Euhemeria Lighthouse Camp, where Khenut has been taken with Shadya. This place is also heavily guarded with Level 27 captain. But as it is small you can simply stay low to kill the guards. There are plants in the camp where you can hide and wait for the guards to move on the other side. Use the Eagle for distracting the captain and kill the guards around one by one. in case you are spotted you can use the Eagle to distract the captain and then kill the approaching soldiers. You will see Khenut crying on the right end of the lighthouse.

Find Shadya


Use the Eagle, to track down Shadya, who is in the sea, swim towards the girl. This will trigger a cutscene and the quest is over. With the death of Shadya the chapter Crocodiles Scales is over, you can read our walkthrough on next chapter Crocodiles Jaws, or you can also read our Assassin’s Creed Origins Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.