Cult of Personality – Deus Ex Mankind Divided Side Mission Walkthrough

Cult of Personality is the third side mission(SM02) you get in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. In this mission, Jensen will dig more into the religious cult operation inside the sewers below Capek Fountain and provide justice. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the side mission.

Cult of Personality Walkthrough

SM02 – Cult of Personality Walkthrough

Meet Viznik

Open the Map to look for the Sewer entrance just beside your apartment. Get inside and follow the path through the tunnel until you encounter the Man named Viznik. Talk to him to start the mission and know what’s going wrong.

Enter the Locked Area

After Talking to Viznik, it seems he wants to draw down someone named Richard so agree with him to get the access to the locked area of the sewers. Use the Keycard to open the large door and the cutscene with Richard will begin. You’ll Understand what Richard is up to and wants to influence other people to follow him.

Confront Richard

After the cutscene, head towards the space below the giant screen and look for the Crumpled Poster on the container. This poster will give you the next clue to find Liberio who is Richard’s old partner. Now get out of the sewers and travel to Cista CTVRT to look for his partner.

Seek out Liberio

Once you get to Palisade Station, head out of the Metro Station is the Magic shop where you can find Liberio. Talk to him to know how Richard’s magic trick to control everyone, he will also provide you with three Scramblers to help break the signal at Richard’s compound.

Install the Signal Scramblers

Head back to the Sewer area and install all three scramblers to the marked location. These Scramblers will emit what’s going on inside Richard’s compound which will reveal everything from his Hypnotic techniques to controlling the people act.

Note: While Installing the Scramblers, you’ll have to deal with a few Turrets and cameras to take care off in the third room.

Reveal Richard to Others

Now that the Scramblers are installed, it’s time to reveal Richard’s true identity in front of his followers. Get to the Main area again and start the Microphone. Enjoy the session then you’ll get the choice to either be Pity or Mitigate. He will unlock his chamber which will be great to murder him or loot his room with all the valuable items. Check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki Guide to know more about the game collectible locations, tips, tricks, keycodes, Passwords and much more.