Easy Way To Get Bravo Zulu P-26 Achievement In Cuphead

Bravo Zulu P-26 achievement is one of the interesting secrets in Cuphead. This achievement requires you to use only Mini Plane Bullets and nothing else to defeat Hilda Berg’s boss. This Bravo Zulu P-26 achievement walkthrough details all the phases of the Boss Hilda Berg’s and how to dodge and defeat her using just the Mini Plane Bullets. So without any further ado let’s get started with our easiest way to unlock Bravo Zulu P-26 Achievement In Cuphead.

Bravo Zulu P26 Achievement

How to get Bravo Zulu P-26.

Important things to keep in mind before going in for Bravo Zulu P-26

Bravo Zulu is nothing much then an Achievement but secrets and difficult one. The main objective of this achievement is to win any plane level, by only using the Mini Plane Bullets. So making use of any other bullets except the Mini Plane, you will have to start the Fight again. And not only this, but you can’t even use your extra and special powers and moves. This is the thing that makes this achievement a serious achievement!!


As you only have to use the Mini Plane Bullets and these bullets stats is less in damage then the regular bullets and the Range as well is too short, so you will have to be very up-close to the boss. And we would recommend that you don’t go for the Health + Buff, as this will be affecting the damage in decreasing it and that cannot be afforded for this one.

Note: The most important for this achievement is to Play this on the very first and easy level at A Threatenin Zeppelin. As the boss (Hilda Berg’s) attacks can be easily predicted and that can be easy on a small level also.

How to Fight Against Hilda Berg’s

All you got to do is stay close to the Boss and hit with the Mini Plane Bullets and Dodge all the coming obstacles to you. Hitting some of the small planes should not affect your achievement. Predict the attack timing of the Boss and then manage the time of hitting her. This will make your achievement a bit easy. Sometimes the attacking patter might not be in the same so keep this in mind as well.

Blimp Form – First Phase

Phase 1

Hilda Berg’s Phase 1 Attack: Laughing attack

What to do: This first phase is the easy one, all you need to know is the perfect timing of her Laughing attack and stay as close as possible to her, to attack and then dodge her attack. And keep doing this until she gets in her next Phase.

Bull Form – Second Phase

Phase 2

Hilda Berg’s Phase 2 Attack: Dash Horn Charge

What to do: Bull Form has got a Deadly Horn Dash Charging attack, while this can be predicted as before attacking the Horn will be pulled back and then Dash Charge will be applied. While this happens, simply dodge it by going above or below. Be careful as the last attack will have a small Telegraph.

Blimp Form – Third Phase

Phase 3

Hilda Berg’s Phase 3 Attack: Laughing attack / Twisters

What to do: This phase will be same as the first one but with a bit more difficult this time as she will also be throwing Twisters at you. So dodge those twisters perfectly and the Green planes will also be coming frequently. So do have a bit distance from the boss and you will be easy to dodge them and then again get close to her and hit her.

Cupid / Gemini Form – Fourth Phase

Phase 4

Hilda Berg’s Phase 4 Attack: Circular Fire Ball attack

What to do: This one is Easy If you get to know from where the Attack will start. As the Twin Dancing Sisters Attack the Fire Ball after the singing. You keep attacking the twin sisters and then as the attack gets close to you, then take around at the fireball and then start attacking again.

Blimp Form – Fifth Phase

Phase 5

Hilda Berg’s Phase 5 Attack: Laughing attack / Twisters

What to do: Well this time the difficulty level will increase as the amount of the Purple planes will be doubled and the time, they will be appearing will also be Shorten, making the Dodge a bit more difficult with the Attack. Manage the timing and you will be perfect on this.

There you have your Bravo Zulu P-26 achievement. Hope this guide was a help to you and do read our other guide on World 3 Cuphead Ending Walkthrough.