World 2 All Hidden Coins Location – Cuphead

You collect 3 Hidden Coins in Cuphead World 2. There is also a small easter egg of Song Performance at the start of the World 2 – to activate this Song Performance Easter Egg you need to complete a small task. Here’s All Hidden Coin Locations in World II of Cuphead.H2: All Hidden Coins Location.

Cuphead World 2

Hidden Coins Location

A Song Performance

As you enter world 2, start finding the fourth Barber from the Barber shop. For which you will have to complete the fight with Madame Von Bon Bon (Sugarland Shimmy). And then get to the tent and search around the tent. And then you will be rewarded by a Song performance by the Quartet (Now Reunited).

Cuphead Barber Cuphead Barber Tent

Where to find Hidden Coin Location 1

For this first you will get to the “Aviary Action” Stage area. Out here get around the Bird house and get behind it and then the Mountains. This will take you to another side of the Map. Now Return back to the “Aviary Action” area and there will be a Candy Girl, Speak to her, she will give you a Coin.

Cuphead Bird House

Where to find Hidden Coin Location 2: From the Juggler

If you successfully parry four times in a row without touching the ground, then you will be getting a Coin on talking to the Juggler.

Cuphead Juggler

Where to find Hidden Coin Location 3

As you move ahead and get to the next area you will be getting a Coin waiting for you at the red marked object in the picture.

Cuphead Coin World 2

That’s all for Cuphead World 2: All Hidden Coins . Stay tuned for more amazing updates on Cuphead. Till then have a look at World 1 All Hidden Coin Locations.

Source: Radnom Pesron from Steam Comuinity